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    Critique Water collisions

    Thanks.... that’s my favourite of the whole bunch
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    Critique Water collisions

    Hmmm it doesn’t want to post the pics but at least the links are working now [emoji23]......oooh! Success[emoji51]
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    Critique Water collisions

    Think I’m going have to wait for a laptop..... this app isn’t working at all for me today
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    Critique Water collisions

    After a couple years off due to work commitments I’ve made it back to camera-land![emoji322][emoji322] so thought I’d try some liquid based fun.....thoughts greatly appreciated
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    Weekly Blondie606 52 2015...Wk 17 Heat

    Hey Lynne [emoji5]️ Really pretty close up! To be honest, I hadn't even noticed the top LHS and had to look again after I read it. Machine: absolutely LOVE it! Yeah it's got a few little bits like the coolant but generally wow..... My nephew would love this on his bedroom wall I reckon - well done!
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    Weekly Cobra's epic fail for 2015, week 52 A Christmas shoe horn and done :)

    Hey Chris....been a while since I stopped by (sorry!) Loving the wildlife dedicated (almost) TP52 you've got going on! [emoji12] the mouth ones are really great. Muppet is cracking - love the eyes but Donut looks way cuter so has to get my vote
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    Weekly Ferg's 52 for 2015

    Well that was a quick game! Haha [emoji23]
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    Weekly TP52 for 2015 - Post your photographs here...but no comments :)

    Week 12: Close-up close-up by fergusinglis, on Flickr
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    Weekly Ferg's 52 for 2015

    Week 12: Close Up It is a close up....but of what? :naughty: close-up by fergusinglis, on Flickr
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    2015 Photo52 Challenge : WEEK 52 we finally made it and its "Christmas" into the bargain

    Phew.....made it back on here at last. Life's gone a bit manic recently (all good thankfully) so I've been rubbish at comments, practice erm just about everything really! Sorry!! Promise to be better from now....apart from when move house in a few weeks:banana: that sounds like...
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    Weekly Rich's 52 of 2015 - Wk 14 'Alphabet' Added, back tracked to WK 11 and 12

    Hey Rich Vertical: initially I preferred the second one.......but there's something about the first one that keeps drawing me back to it. Don't know quite what - but it works! Mouth: dog = win every time for me..... So cute!
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    Weekly David Tennant's TP52 2015 Week 11 Crowd Reshoot and Week 13 Machine Added

    Hey David..... It seems to have taken me ages to reach your thread - sorry! Really liking your fragile and scenic weeks particularly. Mouth: I see what you mean about it being soft on places but it doesn't detract overall for me as its bold and colourful enough to get away with it..... The only...
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    Weekly d00d's 52 in 2015 ... Week 51 & 52

    Crowd: another great shot there d00d! Did you have to do a lot of PP on it?....the lighting looks great - has a kind of studio-shot feel to it!
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    Weekly Phil Bennett's 52 for 2015 - Week 24 Spiral added

    Hey Phil Mouth: wow! Proper film set stuff - great job! Crowd: haha like it! They look a happy pair (shame there's an axe murderer behind them!)[emoji12]
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    Weekly Susiejb 52 in 2015 Christmas ...and that's me finished for 2015

    Hey Susie [emoji4] Good call on not making the daffs too sharp - there's still plenty of detail going on but it has a dreamy feel to it as well, very nicely done!