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    Memory card help

    I use Advanced Renamer which is free for personal use. Only does renaming and doesn't have all the other features of FileMonkey but is a very comprehensive program.
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    How safe would you feel out alone with your camera equipment ?

    A friend of mine, who if having to venture into a suspect area for his job (repairing slot & fruit machines), used to have an old wallet in his back pocket which had a fiver in it together with a couple of random business cards and long expired store points cards. If he was ever 'lost' this...
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    Which is the better photo please?

    I would also agree with Number 2. <Choice changed owing to file names>
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    Sleep function in Windows 10

    Screen shut off but computer runs on. Had problems with my external hard drives connected to the computer when it went to sleep. When it woke up it did not see the drives even though their access lights were on.
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    Duplicate Photo Remover.

    I have used Easy Duplicate Finder with great success on daughter's computer on not only photos and videos but music and documents as well. Keep meaning to get to my stuff but tempus fugit!
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    photography in the mist - any useful apps/tools for fog/mist forecasting

    Not too sure where you are but if you have a look at XCWeather and click on the Visibility tab you may find it useful. As said mist is very difficult to predict and can be very local based on the terrain and nearby features. The Dew Point temperature is quite important as it's relationship...
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    South-East England Horses

    Not Hercules surely! :LOL::exit:
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    Canon Pro 100 printer

    @swiftflo When you say 'switch it off' do you mean with the power button on the front or at the plug socket? I leave the power on to my iP8750 (baby compared with your) but always turn it off with the power button.
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    Canon Pro 100 printer

    Those were my thoughts for asking if the printer was USB connected.
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    Canon Pro 100 printer

    I found that page as well, BB. Was looking at the last item that seems to say the printer needs a service. It would be interesting to know if the OP has his connected by USB or wi-fi. If USB I would try another cable.
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    6 Days with no service from EE!

    I thought they were called Hutchinson Telecom then Orange then EE. At least those are the names that my account changed to since I have had a mobile phone.
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    posting in desperation shutter speeds

    I made myself one of these: :cool: Tip: Use card rather than paper.
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    A trio from this morning at Slapton Sands, Devon

    No. 3 is great. I can see that as a nice large print on the wall.
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    Cheap button cells which leak

    Any AA or AAA. batteries here below 1.38v are used in clocks or torches. They seem to last for ages in the clocks!