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    Katy Knight

    aww wow, I had no idea until Barry told me the news...congratulations to you both, she's beautiful!
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    Tutorial Make those eyes POP!

    I've just used this tutorial on my Facebook profile image :) thank you!
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    Arkady - our very own snow angel

    looks like a little peach....
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    William - Bloody Nightmare!

    aww what a Sweet William!
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    Ok- fed up now!

    :thinking:I still don't understand what that pretty girl was doing with that that funny looking bloke!
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    Ok- fed up now!

    :love::cool: phwoar! xx
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    Ok- fed up now!

    I think you mean this one
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    Ok- fed up now!

    or this one? :love:
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    Ok- fed up now!

    what this one?
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    Taking the weight off her feet

    aww, lovely shot, so cute seeing her sat there :)
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    Katie and Paul Wedding

    wow...beautiful work!
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    Kimmeridge bay after sunset

    gorgeous photos of a favourite place of mine...:)
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    Everybody's doing it!

    Not sure that it matters about them being childish, I love the content in all of them! Especially the middle one with the sweets tumbling down :)
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    My Wedding shots

    I think these are lovely! See that lady in the background with a camera? That is just what my Mum does at occasions! The guests were politely asked not to take photos during the ceremony, but it was mostly aimed at my Mum. She laughed, she knew....and she used to be a wedding photographer! :lol:
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    How do rumours start?

    I lo love turkish delight...the one with pistachios in, yum!