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    Beginner Travel Tripod wanted

    I have the Manfrotto Befree Carbon, Love the compact size and weight for carrying but am not major impressed with the stability at full height, found myself not extending the legs too much and almost laying on the floor, Hope this helps
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    Undecided Map of deer locations in the UK

    Knole Park Sevenoaks, Went on Sunday approximately 350 deer and a beautiful setting
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    RSOC Whilton Mill 2013

    Brilliant photos, but i have to say it has to be mk1 all the way (or maybe a flat front mk2)
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    External harddrive with inbuilt card reader

    Just got the Canon media Storage M30 from ebay with spare battery, charger and case for £70. inc delivery and so far well impressed, Park Cameras have just sold the 80gb version for £129. i missed it be 1 hour Hope this helps
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    LeMans Classic 2012

    Hi all, Just wondering if any one got anything of the kent Capri Number 65? Cheers
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    Wedding. Archery. Pony. Vintage. Beautiful.

    all i can say is WOW You should be very proud fantastic set of pictures :clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    What you listening to RIGHT now?

    one of there best :thumbs: But today its been, Stanley Clarke, East River Drive and Ronny Jordan, The Antidote,:clap:
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    make love not war

    Sorry bit of a dumb moment didnt see the condom :bonk: thought you ment the statue was disrespectful :bang: please accept my apologies. I will blame the wine Regards Mark
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    make love not war

    Sorry lost me :thinking: why is it disrespectful ?
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    Cupid's Arrow

    wow! thats a fantastic capture, top marks and as said great title Regards Mark
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    Check out those Balloons

    Great captures :thumbs: but for me i think number 2 i like the way you can see the balloon peeling back. Must try this:thinking: Regards Mark
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    =Capture a stranger street style=

    The fruit stall made me laugh out loud, great capture
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    Top 6 Air Tattoo Images

    Wow!! For me No 3 is the winner 5 second and 1 third but 3 is quality :clap:
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    Have i finally nailed my pp technique

    I like this alot :) Great picture of what a mk2 escort should look like :)
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    Two lips

    As already mentioned as a newboy I dont feel qualified to pass judgment especially since all the whoha :nono: about the 100 post business, it makes me feel like a comment such as "I like that,well done" could be taken as just trying to build my post count. But i DO like that :) Regards Mark