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    Wild Adder

    really like that.
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    What are you planning re haircuts

    dont like being bald, but dont like hair also, so no1 all over for me, wifey checks if i missed any when done. used to do my sons until he was about 14, wont let me anywhere near him now......well we see.
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    Black necked Grebe

    fantastic stuff, quite rare these, do they breed up with you? love those red eyes.
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    The virus. PPE

    funny thing, me too
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    1st day of spring

    sedge warbler this years ???? bloody early isnt it.
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    Red Listed

    only seen some many years ago, great photo that.
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    Panic Buying

    Wow what a pain, we always do online shopping with Tesco, we have two special needs kids at home, and its a lot easier than dragging them around supermarkets and at £5 delivery, a lot less then what it costs in petrol and time, but it seems thats not going to work now, our usual order has hardly...
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    Panic Buying

    plenty of sprouts,Im ok then :D
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    RAF Tornado GR4 ZG750 "Pinky"

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    very nice..
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    they are great, and not a small finch either, them beaks can crack open cherry stones, that takes some doing great shot.
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    Mice aggression

    banned for what!! am i missing something?
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    Is the Nikon 200-500 a bargain or what?

    what about the 200-400 f4 they are not to be sniffed at, take converters and a good buy second hand?
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    Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

    we take our son to see WWE wrestling there twice a year, and seen a few concerts there, I like the place, its quite local for me, they have stepped up the security there the last couple of years, so be prepared to be searched on way in, taking in your own drinks is not allowed, was stopped...
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    NSFW Few cosplay portraits

    top class work!! love them all.