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    Weekly Toothie's 2016 52 - Living World

    With another strike tomorrow I am posting my topical image. This was taken off the neck of a junior doctor at the end of a very busy shift and taken with and edited on my iPhone. The background is the worktop in the clinical room at work. Ideally I would have liked to have left the name badge on...
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    Weekly Toothie's 2016 52 - Living World

    Many thanks for the feedback everyone. @Cobra the focus is on the pollen bits as they continue the life of the species so your right the flower is a little soft :) Glad you all like the purple [emoji3]
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    Anitacv 52 in 2016

    I like spiky, with that lovely golden colour on the hair, although I agree with Stan regarding positing :) The otter looks really unhappy about having his picture taken, well caught :thumbs:
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    Weekly BillN_33 .. 52 in 2016 . Wk 13 "Effort" added

    I'm sure my nan had a glass one of these when I was little, but I will take your word it's living. I like the blue against the detail in the sand :)
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    Weekly nickbee's 52 2016: week 19 - Colourful

    Loving the light on white with shadows :thumbs:
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    Weekly rpn's 2016 Project 52 - Week 52 CELEBRATE Added (Complete)

    Nice reshoot on abandoned, it certainly looks like it hasn't hand any TLC for a while Spiky - I prefer the first with all the plant in, the stones give it a vortex kind of look
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    Weekly Toothie's 2016 52 - Living World

    The Living World Living World by -Toothie- Would really appreciate your thoughts on the background as I was experimenting with some colored light
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    Weekly Toothie's 2016 52 - Living World

    A little catch up with camouflage Camouflage by -Toothie-
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    Weekly Sparrow's 52, 2016 -Week 38 and 39 metal reshoot and big added

    Spring is coming :fingers crossed: I like the shadow in the water :)
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    Weekly Ian's 52 2016 - Week Flora

    Love the colour against the light cupboard in camouflage and the fun take and hand detail in topical :)
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    Brian of Bozeats '52 for 2016 Week 10: Spikey

    Hehe that's so cool well spotted :clap:
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    Mouldy tangerine tree - but HELP needed with sharpness issue!

    Hiya Paul I just put the full size image on the the xray veiwing monior (im at work and it is designed to view small detail so thought i would see what you ment) and honestly the tree and orange look sharp to me on both monitors, the plant pot looks maybe little nosiey but i wouldnt notice it if...
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    A selection, since I've been gone some time...

    a stunning set, i really like the blue tones in the twilight image :thumbs: