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    Not much of the ISS; and a cautionary tale

    OTOH, the church is wonderfully exposed, something I find an absolute nightmare when it comes to astro shots is the foreground.
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    NSFW Removing hair from eyes

    Surely photoshop could content aware this out? Might have some issues with the fact that it's a detailed eye, but within a few minutes should be easily removable.
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    Then again, I've returned some pretty high ticket items in the past, I can only imagine it's more the case that with them being known for having such exceptional CS they're banking on people spending more.
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    82mm ND filter

    Hoya also does a few, of course there's going to be lots depending on your budget.
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    The Tulip nebula (Sh2-101)

    Phenomenal, well worth the effort.
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    (Auto?) Adding EXIF on legacy lens shots

    A bit of a stretch, but more out of curiosities sake, could you attach the pins from another lens and have it show up as that? similar to the way leica does it?
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    Blending to photos together....

    They both seem rather blurry, I'd probably just try again another night, it's not like the photo is particularly ruined by it anyhow.
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    Best value for money down jacket

    Big fan of the haglofs LIM range, ridiculously light, packs into themselves and warm, quite expensive but you can very often find them half off with a bit of looking. Also another vouch for patagonia.
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    Milky Way Using M4/3

    What sort of exposure time can you get with a fish before trailing?
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    Tonights Moon

    Nice... Moon was glowing last night, had wished I had a chance to snap it
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    Alpine climber

    Would you mind posting the original? I'm having difficulty figuring out what's real and what isn't. Agreed wess
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    Automatically removing reflections from photos taken through windows

    Doesn't exactly appear to be perfect, as seems to be the case with most of these innovations, nevertheless interesting.
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    Camera Selection

    What makes you need a gh4? If you don't know what you need then I doubt you do, not to cause offense, but you'll probably have more than enough with even a gh1, I'd try to explain a bit more what you're looking for and then people will be able to advise a bit more situationally.
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    Swapping the sky

    The main issue here is that it's going to be hard to match the foreground lighting to the background that you pasted in, you seem to have done a decent job of editing the foreground but with such drastically different lighting it's a big issue.