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    Underwater Photography

    watch out for bubbles getting in the photo but, don't hold your breath. breath holding = up and down up and down = the bends seen it, not so good.
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    Increased Use Of Older Kit

    older lenses can be great, my favourite is a nikkor 180mm f2.8, sharper and better contrast than anything else i've tried but of course a little slow. older cameras i'm not so keen on. my d70 has noticeably worse white balance, colours and noise than my d300. megapixels my not count much, but...
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    Big cats

    saw your notice on big cats and thought i'd share a few from last weekend. i'm lucky enough to be living in south africa at the min and pretty close to some game parks. we had a really lucky drive last weekend and saw a couple of fresh kills. the cheetahs all have collars as the are endangered...
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    Dropping your camera

    just found my cat knocked my d70 with a 300 f2.8 attached off my sofa. unsurprisingly it tore the front of the camera off. better call the insurance.
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    good travel tripod recommendations please.

    i have a velbon ultra maxi very light, very small, sturdy enough to cope just about. it supports my 300 f2.8 with a little faith and using a remote shutter. realistically it can handle a body and walkabout lens no worries. just as long as you remember it's a travel tripod...
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    A Few of My Faves..........

    great shots, thanks for taking the time to post them.
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    the first one's lovely, great shot. what did you use for lighting? could it be made a touch softer?
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    very boring things indeed... i was a fan of the first 2 seasons but, i'm not so keen on this one either.
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    Aussie Radio.

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    Show us your best MOTORSPORT(!) film shots!!

    goodwood festival of speed 2006 olivier panis
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    Apple Mac's

    you just click with your middle finger where the right click should be on the mouse and it knows you're right clicking. or you buy a logitech mouse with loads of buttons ;) on a laptop you simply tap with 2 fingers instead of one. can't live without it once you get used to it. :)
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    Safari in SA - the birds

    ta very much all. 3 is my favorite, although, most of my friends just flick past it when looking at the set. you never can predict what the non-photogs will like eh!
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    Safari in SA

    thanks all. nice to be back here. these were taken in december, i'm off back in 9 days! my girlfriend's moved out there so i'm off to visit. a job's been offered so i may just go for it. we'll see. cheers for the comments. i think my favorite is number 10, although i wonder if it needs a...
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    A few from Florida last week

    they may be birds on sticks but i'm impressed. nice captures.
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    My Pussy...

    no it's not much over at all, i only notice it as i've a friend who picks me up on it all the time! it doesn't detract from the shots.