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    flickr help

    Same here, I think you'll be ok. Enjoy your pro account!
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    10 stop filter for £2 - really :D

    Oh go on then, since all the cool kids are doing it!
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    Check Check Check and Check again.

    Sometimes when my battery dies, I take it as a hint that maybe I should be looking at things with my eyes instead! Sounds like it must have been beautiful at the castle, I hope you sat down and enjoyed it before you left.
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    Flickr searches for keywords as well as titles and descriptions, as long as you're entering this information you should be fine... How are you searching for them? Search results don't show the most recent matching updates unless you specifically select 'most recent.' Unless you do this, it's...
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    Coloured milk craters!!

    Well I don't know if I'd call it 'messy.' I know the tiny drops distract from the crown-shape, but I've seen so many perfect crown-splashes that it's nice to see some pictures with a little more character. Just my 2p :shrug:
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    A little bland? I'd try for action-kitty shots rather than a portrait, or a more dramatic background at least.
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    Coloured milk craters!!

    Those are gorgeous, I thought for a second you had coloured milk beneath a black surface liquid - hmm, that might be interesting! #2 is my favourite, absolutely lovely.
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    Because you like my black and whites

    I like it! Wonder if the contrast might be too high at the expense of some detail, though?
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    Purple simplicity

    Beautiful colour! And the DOF is perfect. I think it might have helped to try different angles, as the lower third is a little dull, but I'd be very proud to have taken this - great photo!
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    Effects of using a circular Poleriser?

    Aw, that's good news! I think I've worked out my mysterious filter too, it's probably time to get going with it! I tell you what, there's a lot of intelligent people here... handy. I shall continue to leech off of your knowledge.
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    icelandic dawn

    Beautiful! I suspect exposing the foreground a little more would help to bring out the wonderful depth of the picture, but it's got such lovely colours that it doesn't really matter.
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    Oh No

    I think I'm immune! (This is blatantly not true. I may only have a D40, but I feel the clammy fingers of NAS on my shoulder already!)
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    Gave one photo away asking for crediting me...guess what...Update

    Well said dazzajl. I understand why you're disappointed bastic, I would be too, but it's not the end of the world. They know your name, they'll hopefully use your work again, and maybe next time you can earn something from it!
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    Please settle an argument- aperture priority & low light?

    I favour shutter priority in low light, as I can find a compromise between too dark and too blurry while staying in control. Having less experience with aperture priority, I can't say for sure whether you'd have that same level of control. For your event, there was enough light for it to work...
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    Effects of using a circular Poleriser?

    I've just bought a circular polariser myself, and I have to admit I'm finding it very confusing... I'm never 100% sure if it's working or not! Is there a good 'guide for dummies' aywhere online?