1. TGphoto

    Critique Maspalomas Dunes

    Hi, I was in Gran Canaria during the summer and took a visit to these dunes. I was pretty amazed by them, it looked like to Sahara desert! I had to choose between a colourful sky or nice shadows, went for the shadows. Maspalomas%20Dunas%20by%20Thomas%20Green,%20on%20Flickr']Maspalomas Dunas...
  2. PhotoBoris

    Mk2 Escorts

    Since I didn't post any in the other thread, here are some Mk 2 escorts form last weekend at Donington Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -179 by G B, on Flickr Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -186 by G B, on Flickr Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -247 by G B, on...
  3. PhotoBoris

    Dukeries Donington Stage Rally

    A good start to this year's motorsport season with a very wet and windy day at Donington Park last weekend for the first round of the MSN Circuit Rally championship. 1 Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -239 by G B, on Flickr 2 Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -276 by G B, on...
  4. TGphoto

    Tamron 17-35mm F/2.8-4 Di OSD

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has used the new: Tamron 17-35mmF2.8-4 Di OSD and what your thoughts are? Seen a few comments on hear through searching but no extensive views and a bit more time has passed now. Thinking of adapting one to an A7III. Thanks, Tom
  5. PhotoBoris

    Tamron Lens Service

    I bought a second hand Tamron SP AF 70-300 F/4-5.6 Di VC USD for my Canon 70D and it seems to be focussing a little soft. I am thinking of sending it in to Tamron for a service, clean and realignment. Tamron in the UK (Intro2020) won't give me a ballpark figure for the above service. I was...
  6. PhotoBoris

    Le Mans Classic - Group C Legends

    I have taken a while to post process all of these, but here are a few from the quite brilliant Group C Legends at the Le Mans Classic back in July. 1 Porsche 962s - Le Mans Classic 2018 by G B, on Flickr 2 Shaun LYNN - JAGUAR XJR-9 - 1987- Le Mans Classic 2018 by G B, on Flickr 3 Emka C84-1...
  7. SamSamPhotoMan

    Beginner Is my lens faulty?

    I have recently bought a DSLR camera and was given an old Tamron 28-200 71DE AF lens. I'm aware I shouldn't be expecting a professional quality lens but this is OK as I'm just starting out so don't want to splash out loads of money just yet. However, all the photos I have taken with it don't...
  8. A

    Which long telephoto lens

    Hi, I'm due to got to the Falkland Islands in early January and want to make sure I have all my equipment sorted, so i'm looking to change my long telephoto lens. Currently I have a Sigma APO DG 150-500mm F/5-6.3 APO HSM DG OS Lens Nikon, but I am tempted by a new lens that offers a bit more...
  9. mali

    Beginner Using a Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro Lens -

    Just purchased the Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro Lens but seem to be having issues when using it on manual mode. It seems to work fine when using on AV, TV mode but cannot use it on manual mode
  10. Tykepix

    Lens Comparison

    I have a Canon 600D and am wanting a lens for wildlife photography. I am looking at the Tamron SP300 f2.8 (complete with two extenders and a variety of filters) for £500 second-hand (on a website adaptall-2.com) and a Sigma 150-500 f5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM at £399 second-hand (on mpb.com) As I'm new...
  11. K

    Advice needed for anniversary present!

    Hi, I want to get a new lens for my husband for our anniversary, but need some advice as I know very little about photography! My husband has a Canon 20d but only has cheap lenses, he mainly likes to take landscapes or bird/wildlife photos. I was thinking about getting something like: Canon...
  12. S

    Auto Tamron 35mm f/1:2.8 lens adapter

    Please can you assist me in finding the suitable adapted for my lens, I'm having difficulties. I recently purchased an Auto Tamron 35mm f/1:2.8 lens (please find attached pictures), and I have a Nikon D3300. I bought the wrong adapter and I got told that "the lens looks like modified or...