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The Photo52 is now about to enter its third year.
I can't thank Simon enough for organising it during 2009 and 2010. This year he'll be taking a well-deserved break from torturing us selecting the weekly themes - and I'll be picking up the baton. (Just be warned - it hurts if I have to hit you with it ;) )

On a personal note, I'd like to say that the Photo52 is a great way to challenge yourself and inspire you to pick up your camera at least once a week. Over the last 18 months I've learnt a phenomenal amount by doing this and I hope that everyone taking part this year gets as much out of it as I have.

For those that aren't aware of Photo52, here's an introduction :

In its simplest form, every Sunday a theme is pulled at random from a bag and is posted in a new thread in the Competitions, Challenges and Inspiration section. During the following week anyone taking part posts a photo of their interpretation of the theme in their own special 52 thread in the Projects, Personal Challenges and Themes section (under General Photo Sharing). There is no competition element to this, you simply shoot for your own enjoyment, progression and sense of achievement.


1) Wait for the theme to be announced (watch the Competitions, Challenges and Inspiration section) - Simon will post week 1 this Sunday, but the bag of themes will hopefully arrive safely with me in time to post from week 2 onwards.
2) Think about the theme and how you want to photograph it.
3) Take your Photo.
4) Create your own special thread for your own 52 in the The Projects, Personal Challenges and Themes section (that's under General Photo Sharing)
5) Share your photo and your reasons for taking it plus if you feel like it, share what you learned this week.
6) Take a look at some of the other 52s and post a few comments to encourage your fellow 52ers.
7) Wait for the next theme to be announced.
8) Repeat steps 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 until the end of the year.


RESHOOT cards – there are 5 RESHOOT cards that have been added to the bag and if one of these is pulled in a week a second card will also be pulled with a theme as normal. Those taking part have 3 options :

a) RESHOOT a theme from any of the previous weeks (the idea is that you can have a little break from thinking about another new theme and demonstrate to the world how much you’ve improved).

b) Shoot the week’s theme as normal ignoring the RESHOOT card

c) Prove you are a hardened 52er and RESHOOT a theme and shoot the new theme.

There will be at least 4 weeks between RESHOOT cards

JOKERS – if you don’t like a theme you can play a JOKER and use it to either

a) Miss the week completely
b) Post a photo that doesn’t fall within the drawn theme.

(Although I'd suggest that you choose a limit to the number of jokers you plan to allow yourself at the beginning of the year)


There are no rules; or at least I don’t set any rules for you to follow. The idea is if you want to join in you make your own rules as it is your own personal challenge (but I would encourage you to define and share the rules you have chosen at the start of the year). If you want you can trawl your own archives, shoot 2 weeks behind the theme, have as many JOKERS as you want and there is nothing stopping you using the themes to do a 26 by picking one theme out of every 2.

However, If you want someone to set rules for you please feel free to use the example below:

1) New photos will be taken each week specifically for the theme and only 1 photo will be selected as the shot for the week as this forces me to get out there take photos and pick the image I like best.
2) I may show any other shots taken in the week but if I do I will explain why I selected the shot I did (i.e. what I like about the image and what I don’t like).
3) I will share what I have learned that week and how I might approach it differently next time (or if I had more time)
4) No photos posted as my shot for the week will be posted as an entry into the TP Monthly Competition
5) I will limit myself to 1 JOKER during the entire year and if I decide to play it I will still post a new photo.

The challenge is open to everybody, no matter what level of experience you have.
And if you decide you want to join in part way through the year that's fine too - nobody says you need to start on week 1.

The only other thing I'll add is that you'll get as much out of this as you put in. Get involved, offer critique and encouragement to other 52ers and you'll find that you get the same in return.

I now declare Photo52 2011 open.
Good luck all !!!

List of themes so far
A separate discussion thread will also be posted in this part of the forum for each week's theme.

Week 1 : Accomodation
Week 2 : New
Week 3 : Style
Week 4 : Open
Week 5 : Hard
Week 6 : Clutter
Week 7 : Delicate
Week 8 : Chaos
Week 9 : Finish
Week 10 :Trio
Week 11 : Reshoot and/or knowledge (see above for explanation of reshoots)
Week 12 : Moderation
Week 13 : Empty
Week 14 : Object
Week 15 : Wrong
Week 16 : Reshoot and/or paradox
Week 17 : Tropical
Week18 : Power
Week 19 : Divided
Week 20 : Promise
Week 21 : Twisted
Week 22 : Hidden
Week 23 : Broken
Week 24 : Bright
Week 25 : Rescue
Week 26 : Sensual
Week 27 : Elaborate
Week 28 : Celebrate
Week 29 : Smell
Week 30 : Weird
Week 31 : Wind
Week 32 : Evolution
Week 33 : Record
Week 34 : Work
Week 35 : Blur
Week 36 : Time
Week 37 : Mix
Week 38 : Fun
Week 39 : Volume
Week 40 : Explode
Week 41 : Rapid
Week 42 : Weave
Week 43 : Abstract
Week 44 : Pair
Week 45 : Safe
Week 46 : Living
Week 47 : Reshoot and/or Light
Week 48 : Cute
Week 49 : Talk
Week 50 : Weather
Week 51 : Light
Week 52 : Glass

Special bonus theme, because I messed up week 51 - "Nature"

Online List of members taking part
Kindly set up by Dawn (Drodd). Feel free to access it to add your own name and a link to your thread.

Linky :
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I'll try and do this in 2011, failed miserably in 2010 but worth another go.

Cheers for organising!
Thanks for this. I think I'm going to take part in this as I'm relatively new to photography (June)

So I look forward to seeing everyone's entries
Thanks for organising this. I plan to take part and hope the critique I get will help me to improve.
Thanks for taking up the lead on this Sarah. Its my first time taking part in a Photo52 but its just what I need to get me motivated and inspired to use this expensive kit I have put together in 2010 :)

Seasons Greetings to you and all the other 52’rs
Might just try this to get my mojo back. Had a 365 fail when I lost my pc for 3 weeks in 2009, but learned such a lot from it. Would love to learn how to use my 580EX 11 properly with this one :)
Many thanks for taking up the reign Sarah. Looking forward to taking part this year.
As said in the other thread, the new camera arrived yesterday and this is just the thing to get me learning all about it :)
Many thanks for organizing this. :)

Seems easy on face value, but I suspect my initial suspicion will be painfully (but pleasantly) short lived!

EDIT... really can't make up my mind whether to do this or not. I really enjoyed it in 2009 but I remember it taking up a lot of time and I have other personal projects that I want to get going in 2011.

I may give this a miss again and do the TP Photographer of the year thing instead...

Good luck to everyone who does take part - I'm sure you will get loads out of it :)
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I am in with bells on. New Years resolution was to shoot a 52 so was hoping a thread like this might appear. Let the shutter start clicking!
Count me in! Looking forward to it, certainly last year had some v high calibre entries and some definate off the wall thinking!
Nice one - I was waiting for this to start. Hopefully I can last longer than last year. I'm glad it's you running it too Sarah, not because of any problems with Simon obviously but because you posted some helpful tips on my page last year!

Happy new year!
Count me in please. I started the challenge mid way last year and failed dismally so hoping to do much better now that I am in at the beginning :)
Thanks for taking the task on and for the information Sarah.
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I've never done this before and also I'm a relative newbie around these parts, so I'd love to join in but please be gentle with me!

Hopefully the feedback and critique will be well worth it, and also I'm hoping that the themes get me thinking a bit about shooting things other than the norm.
It would be a challenge just to post any of my photographs so I will give it a go.

Thank you Sarah for organising.
Think I might give it a go! Just got a canon 40d this week and need to keep practicing.
I've decided that instead of following the themes I'm going to take a self portrait head shot every week. Hopefully I'll manage to keep the inspiration up.
i failed miserably last year i think i made 13 weeks until work took over my life and i wasn't able to concentrate on anything for myself i'm hoping to spend a little more quality time with the camera this year :bonk: i'm in again on my own terms this time ie.if i get swamped by work i may have to divert a little from the set theme :rules: ,thanks for taking the reigns on this sarah your comments last year where always encouraging (y)
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I'm going to give it a go - I need to develop my skills a lot. Roll on tomorrow
Going to take part this year. Wasn't able to give it my all last year due to health reasons. Looking forward to it!
Never done anything like this, actually not sure what I can and can't do, but what the heck in for a penny and all that, only one way I'll learn is by stepping outside my comfort zone, so I'm in :)
I'll try and join this as I'm also trying my own 365 this year
It is almost a year since I bought my DSLR and it has been well used. Now I think I am ready to take on a challenge like this to further my learning experience and hopefully improve my photography. The feedback and comments will be a great help.

Thanks Sarah for organising the challenge this year.

I look forward to the themes and seeing everyones Photo52's.


Dawn :)

P.S. I had already set myself a 365 challenge for this year, so I hope I can keep up with both.