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    Anybody use Camdiox ND1000 Filters..

    I've had a Camidox ND1000 for the last few years now and love it. Before that I had the more expensive square Haida 10 stop. I can't say that I noticed a difference in performance and personally prefer the screw in filter for general use (despite the fact it's slightly more difficult to take on...
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    Travel Pics

    Lovely set and welcome to the forum. I particularly like shots 2 and 3.
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    Need help urgently

    From everything you've said it sounds like it's simply a time stamp issue. I'd say turn up to the meeting tomorrow and check the in camera menu for the current time/date - if it reads as 2013 then just continue the transaction as normal. What else makes you think this deal is shady? Have you...
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    A little wander around Monsal Dale

    The first is lovely if perhaps a little dark in the foreground. Btw I can't see the image unless I follow the link to Flickr, I think something about the image posted in the thread may be broken?
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    Pied Flycatcher pair

    Two stunning shots, number 2 is particularly interesting given the span of the insect vs the bird. I think the edit @pooley does slightly improve the second shot, not that there was much wrong with it in the first place!
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    FIA World Rallycross at Lydden Hill

    I love the composition of 1 and 3, but the cars are just that little bit too motion blurred imo. I've they'd have been a tad sharper it would take the photos from good to amazing.
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    Critique Skye and NW road trip Saturday into Sunday

    I also particularly like 1 and 2, a lovely pair of reflections, great light in 2 as well. The sky in 3 for me just lacks that 'pop'.
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    Critique A couple from my recent holiday to Skiathos.

    Beautiful sky colours throughout the set. I particularly like shot 2, it looks like something you'd find in a holiday brochure.
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    The Dolomites, Italy

    Thank you for the feedback! I too would love to get back there to see it in Autumn colours. Will reconsider the crop on 8. Re the lake level shot, unfortunately when I went to lake level it was pretty overcast and only yielded results like this: Lago di Cadore by ACW, on Flickr Thanks for the...
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    The Dolomites, Italy

    6. Same lake as in the shot above, different angle whilst descending Monte Anteleo Pieve Di Cadore in the Valley by ACW, on Flickr 7. A small mountain stream Mountain Stream by ACW, on Flickr 8. View from the summit of Monte Rite at 2183m View from the summit of Monte Rite by ACW, on Flickr...
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    The Dolomites, Italy

    A few from a hiking trip at the end of last month, the weather was (or the most part, extremely wet and cloudy, for occasionally a nice view would open up. Any C&C would be appreciated. 1. This was one of my favourite views, taken whilst ascending Monte Rite The view ascending Monte Rite by...
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    Non UK I'm off Vegas...Any tips?

    Are you hiring a car? If so it's definitely worth taking a half day (or longer) excursion out to the Valley of Fire. I think it took us around 40 minutes to get there. Stunning scenery and can be a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the Strip.
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    equipment security on holiday - advice please

    I purchased a medium size Pacsafe, which I use depending on how sketchy the hotel/area feels. It comfortably takes my LowePro 400 AW filled with gear (typically 2 bodies, 4 lenses) plus my laptop and case. The photographs don't really do the product justice, as the metal feels incredibly strong...
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    Rattray Head

    The first shot would be my pick of the three - beautiful colours and a strong composition. I like shot 2 but the colours don't stand out quite as much. A strong set overall.
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    Beginner Advise needed please

    Are you emailing the photographs from your iPad? If so the mail app automatically downsizes them. The original files from your camera will be more than high enough resolution, it is your workflow using the iPad which is causing the issue. Do you have a PC that you can at least transfer the...