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    Hello from Scotland

    hi welcome to the forum
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    Who's at fault?

    a heat gun on the bumper going back and forwards over the damage and push from the back of the bumper it may pop odds on it was both your blind spots but still think she had more of a chance seeing you than you did her
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    glasgow school of art on fire once more

    it is a shame it was well up from the live feed video i saw last night i also seen some one comment that it was just a small fire at the roof to start with so who knows how or where it started
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    glasgow school of art on fire once more

    yep its up in flames hope no ones hurt
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    Cars that will have value in the future?

    this is where i used to get my escort stuff
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    Glasgow City Murals

    the woman in black the pub is the old ship bank it been there many years the pub lol i seen the guy making it
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    canon 400 2.8 is - repair anyone had?

    hi stu im glad you posted it in the thread bud as he needs to hear from people thats had dealings with the lens doctor if i was you i think i would have slapped him around the head with the lens
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    canon 400 2.8 is - repair anyone had?

    errrrrrm i was the orig poster about the lens doctor so far i have not heard a bad word spoken about him he did his training at canon as far as im aware
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    Raleigh Chopper and Nikon FM2

    yea the breaks and the gear stick caught my eye from the off plus the seat was longer on the first chopper ps i still have one in bits in my mums loft lol i prefer the sooc shot but love your pp on the first photo
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    canon 400 2.8 is - repair anyone had?

    i know its prob a bit far but what about the lens doctor eddie houston in cumbernauld .he converts older canon to ef mounts etc Address: 114 Main Road, Cumbernauld G67 4AY Phone: 01236 781024
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    Powerful Walkie-Talkie recommendations?

    some cheap hand held cb radios would do the trick
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    Scotland Glasgow for a day. What is there?

    do you drive ie you coming by train or car ps the 1st oct is the great run if you drive luss and the loch is about a hour away theres also the old mine and the tram and old mine houses at summerlee or the riverside transport museum
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    Canon EOS 6D Mk2 Owner's Thread

    you could have just posted some under exposed ones from a 6d mk1 lol
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    Canon EOS 6D Mk2 Owner's Thread

    so its to early for a canon 6dii wanted post ? lol
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    Free Motorhome Trip in return for images

    im not a landscape person but id give it a bash id be more than happy to tour scotland in it for a week lol