1. Pootleflump

    Beginner Product photography - lighting and best time of day

    Hi everyone, I've been reading some articles and it appears to me that the perceived wisdom is that when dealing in product photography (with natural light only) one should choose a south-facing window - early morning being bluer light, before dusk a more golden light. But the idea is to...
  2. L

    Beginner Don’t know what to get.

    Looking for a camera for just general use on travel, trips and holidays so I’m not relying on my phone and have something with actual zoom but I have no idea what’s good and bad, what’s the advantages of a compact vs a mirror less and I don’t even know what a mirror less is! Was looking at...
  3. kbr0wn

    Beginner Budget landscape lens recommendations please!

    I'm totally new to this website so hello! I'm a photography beginner who's wanting to take it a bit more seriously, and am looking for recommendations! I have a Canon EOS 7D (mark I) and am looking for the best landscape/wide angle lenses that you guys use and would recommend please? I...
  4. J

    G.A.S rangefinder or medium format?

    Good day fellow internet people, I was gifted a Nikon FM2 along with two lenses (Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AI and Nikon 35mm f/2 AI-S) for Christmas from my Ex. Have been hooked on photography since. I’m a fan of Fan Ho, Brassaï and Sebastian Salgado. That rich contrast and vivid detail look. Please...
  5. I

    Beginner Help me choose my first camera!

    Hello, first, thank you for taking the time to help me. I'm an industrial design student looking to buy my first camera, up to this point I've been using almost exclusively my iPhone 8 Plus to take photos, except from a few times I've used my girlfriend's Nikon D5300 and a friend's Sony A6000...
  6. Grace124

    Hello Everyone

    Thank you for having me on the forum. I have been a photography enthusiast for many years and have enjoyed taking photos on my Canon ‘point and shoot’. However, I’ve just bought my first DSLR (Canon EOS 30D) and I want to really perfect my technique and also really get a feel for this camera...
  7. Jarly

    Beginner Choosing A Camera for Sports Photography

    Hi, I'm new to the forms so please be kind of I've posted this in the wrong place. I am very keen into Soccer and I run a team in the Uk. I recorded most of our games in 1080p video on my phone edit them and upload them to YouTube. I am now looking to start taking photos of each game and...
  8. GarethB

    Beginner Insect macro post processing brain picking.

    Hello folks!:) I am fairly new to insect macro photography (been doing it for a couple of months now), and I'm enjoying my journey immensely so far. I've been avidly watching all the recent threads over in the critique boards, and I'm hugely impressed and inspired by the incredible images...
  9. Cameraboi1998

    Beginner Beginner camera

    Hi! So I have recently started looking into photography and am really excited to start! I’ve been looking at many different cameras and am currently really interested in this one: Is this a good...
  10. suter1972

    Tripod for beginners

    Following on from thread in beginner section about a Nikon lens I wonder if I can seek the advice of you guys again as it was invaluable! One item im told I really do need is a tripod so that’s what im looking for next. I want to be able to carry it around if out on a walk but also set it up on...
  11. suter1972

    Beginner Total Beginner Nikon Lens advice

    Bought my first DSLR camera last week to give me and my 14yr old and 8 yr old a shared interest. I bought a Nikon D3500. Was pretty cheap at £350 but I know its just a beginner camera. Guy in Currys was a bit of a camera nut and advised I get a 70-300 Sigma lense next, which ive already done...
  12. Cherryunderthesun

    Would love some advice

    Hi guys, I hope I'm doing this right. I've very recently gone self employed as a Nail Technician, and would like to upgrade my photography. I have attached a photograph and wonder if anyone here has any idea "how" this was taken; camera/lighting/editing/other. I notice the reflection of what...
  13. C

    Beginner Just starting out.

    Hello everyone, I'm a beginner and like I mean just born not got a clue about nothing so I'm looking for some advice. I've always fell in love with a good scenic view and wherever I go I'll take pictures on my phone. A number of people said why not get into photography properly considering I...
  14. Mattiasthephototaker

    [Moved to correct Thread]Help with my first camera

    Rsz_2qd333m by Mattiasthephototaker posted Jan 2, 2019 at 1:16 PM Hey guys, I'm so sorry if this is on the wrong section, I'm a first time poster -as I'm so petrified of how bad my photos are I've become somewhat of a closet photo taker that finally wants to come outside. I've been taking...
  15. Fuji Dave

    Wedding Photography Tips/Advice

    A very good friend has asked me if I will shoot her wedding ( two years away ) as she loves some of my vocalists images on my Flickr. I have NEVER shot anything like this before, but do love shooting my vocalists and get on very well when talking to people plus I will know nearly everyone at...
  16. S

    Beginner Should I upgrade?

    so I recently brought a secondhand camera for the first time and didn’t really do and research on it, turned out to be a Canon 450D. Playing around with it for awhile and looking up its specs on the internet, I noticed it’s ten years old! Should I upgrade or just buy a better lenes?
  17. kzsolt87

    Photography meet-ups

    Hi All, Just wondering if what is your opinion about photography meet-ups? I feel like I would need some inspiration to keep myself fully entertained with photography. Thanks
  18. Tom Pinchenzo

    Advice on getting started

    Hi All, (I debated whether to put this in the Beginners forum but thought there would be more people here who could advise.) I’m an intermediately experienced digital photographer and I’m thinking about trying out film (back to basics to improve technique etc.). I’d like to eventually try...
  19. D

    Beginner Beginners motivation

    Hey, Just signed up to the forum a couple of days ago. Hope this is the place to put this, and hope its not too long haha. Have been playing around with taking photos with my phone camera recently. Mostly just photos of my dog and flowers. I thought it would be fun to buy a DSLR and so got a...
  20. Olivia Green

    Beginner Which Camera for an Amateur Landscape Photographer?

    Photography is not a profession but a hobby. I like traveling and have a thing for taking great landscape photographs. Clicking pictures of beaches, rocks, mountain peaks and beautiful landscapes is something I love. Have already purchased Nikon D3200 with 18-55 kit lens and a tripod. As I said...
  21. L

    Beginner Hello!

    hello there! Apologies if this is the incorrect place to post this but I need some help... I’m slowly getting more into photography, taking much better pictures on what I have (iPhone 8) and would like to purchase a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. I enjoy taking landscape shots the most, whilst...
  22. Unicronatron

    Shallow dof on crop

    Hi I've been trying to expand my photography recently, and have been playing with shallow dof. I have a 60d with the 17-55 2.8 lens. At the long end shooting at 2.8 I can get reasonably shallow dof but at the slightly wider end I have to get really close to the subject. I was thinking of...
  23. Justin Case

    Photoshop, introduction to layers for beginners

    Understanding layers, selections, mask and composite images in Photoshop. An easy step by step introduction View:
  24. NikiYo

    Beginner 【Help】I'm designer but newbie in photography, Need Help for buying a Camera.

    Hi guys, Recently I’m ready to buy a camera before I always use iPhone to taken photos, that’s okay but I want to start a series career you know, go art direction, street shoot, fashion series etc. I’m a designer, basically, I’m a newbie in the photography field. So I’m indeed a bit...
  25. C

    A first dslr

    I've been researching different models for my first dslr camera and wanted some advice on what to look out for. Much homework had me excited about the Nikon D3300 as a great starter camera for going from hobby to amateur. Just about to bite the bullet and someone has suggested an older second...
  26. Car spotter north west

    What Lens should i get

    Hi im currently looking to but two new canon lenses, for car shoots, im looking for one that would be good in low light for light painting i was looking into getting the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM has anybody got any experience with this lens, and also a wide-angle lens. i could probably spend up...
  27. H

    Beginner Focusing Problems

    Hello, I am a beginner and I really love photographing jewellery but I am having problems with blurring and I am wondering if some one can help me. If I photograph a brooch, for example, I focus in on it and shoot and everything is great. It comes out nice and clear. But if I photograph a...
  28. Thekillerqueen88

    Beginner Social media coverage

    Hi all, I am a beginner photographer (hobbyist), and have a Facebook and Instagram page. How can i extend my coverage? I seem to only get the same followers etc liking my stuff and want to broaden things further. I expect its my pages, can anyone take a look and give me some advice...
  29. Car spotter north west


    Hi i have a Canon 50D and im just seeking advice for what new lenses i should look into buying? i will be mainly doing car photo shoots any advice would be greatly appreciated
  30. Adrian Yanos

    Beginner Aspiring photographer

    Hi there! I just recently brought a d90(used) with Nikkor 35-70mm f2.8 (used).push and pull zoom in and zoom out. I think the lens that come along the body is already damage. When I captured on auto I see white like cloud on the egdes of the photo.. means the lens are not good anymore?