1. mike_6480

    Bargain Sony A7ii £567

    Sony A7ii £567 at Argos eBay store: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352879183023
  2. T

    Beginner Need help choosing a mirrorless for travel photography

    I've been using a Nikon D5200 for a while now but am still basically a beginner. I want to get a mirrorless camera to take travelling since the D5200 is bulky and expensive, but my budget is real low since I'm a student. Right now I'm choosing between the Canon EOS M100 and the Panasonic Lumix...
  3. M

    Canon R EF-EOS R mount adapter. Fit all EF and EFS lenses?

    I read the new Canon R mirrorless camera with the mount adapter can use all my old lenses, EFS and EF, Canon and Tamron. What's the catch? If my old 60d has a cropped sensor, as opposed the R series which is full frame, will that make any difference using my lenses?
  4. Craikeybaby

    Moving from Canon to Fuji to lighten the load - but which body?

    I posted this in the Fuji X-Tx thread, but it got lost in the excitement of the X-T3 launch. Unfortunately the X-T2 is already a bit of a stretch for my budget (aka what I can trade my Canon gear in for) and I need something in my hands before next weekend. So the decision for me, and that I’m...
  5. Craikeybaby

    Protection for mirrorless camera whilst mountain biking?

    After more than 10 years shooting Canon, most of those full frame, I’ve decided to move to a mirrorless system, likely Fuji. The main motivation behind this is that my camera gear often gets left at home. I never take it out on my mountain bike because it is too big to fit in my hydration pack...
  6. mike_6480

    Bargain Sony A7 iii plus 28-70mm lens

    Sony A7 iii plus 28-70mm lens. Only £1,917 and due in stock on 3rd August https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-ILCE7M3KB-CEC-Mirrorless-Compact-SEL2870/dp/B07B4R8QGM/ref=sr_1_3?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1532543119&sr=1-3&keywords=Sony+a7
  7. michaelg

    Top Cashback & Mirrorless Cameras at Jessops

    Wondering if anyone bought a mirrorless camera (e.g. a Sony A7X type) via Top Cashback at Jessops? If so, which option did you choose (since it only lists DSLRs and CSCs) and did it track and pay out the cashback okay? Looking to pre-order a Sony A7III and this looks like the cheapest option...
  8. A

    Togs I need your help! Pana G7 vs G85 vs Olympus EM10ii

    Hi fellow Togs, Okay so I have already had one thread about cameras and after a long research sesh and talks with a couple of staff at various stores as well as actually holding the above cameras I am stuck again only this time I am stuck in the Mirrorless zone! So I have realistically a...
  9. TGphoto

    The final camera decision...

    So I have asked this question in some way or another a few times on a few threads but I have finally come to the day where I will make a final decision and hopefully stick by it. Thanks so much to all the people that have already contributed to my conundrum! These are my options - both similar...
  10. TGphoto

    Sony A7 Viewfinder Question

    I just got the A7 - first mirrorless camera - I just stuck the lens on (28-70) inside and tried the viewfinder inside the house, it looks flickery and not fully clear - is this normal or do I need to return it? The screen picture on the screen is fine. Is this standard with mirrorless?
  11. K

    Beginner Camera to buy? for beginner and equipments ??

    All I know right now is I want a body that is lightweight to carry around, take high quality images and can do great photography and videography without it compromising the other. I know lenses matter more than the body, and I'm looking to invest in some great lenses as well. I want to shoot...
  12. JohnN

    A question for you guys that have moved away from full frame to Fuji.

    Hi, What made you do it? Did you find a lens (I'm guessing the 56mm) that compensates enough to eliminate the crop? What sort of thing do you shoot? Any regrets? What were the pros and cons of the move? I'm asking people who moved rather than have it as a second system as they had hard...
  13. jamiebonline

    best entry-level mirrorless camera

    Hi ! I'd like some advice on an entry-level mirrorless camera. It can be any of the main companies, sony, fujifim, panasonic and so on. ideally it needs to be a camera that has prime lenses at reasonable prices especially ones around 50 mm (35mm equiv) it can also be a few years old. i want to...