1. JagroPhotography

    A little bit about me....

    Hi everyone my names Jason I’m a 28 year old from Teesside, UK and I work in my local Hospital as a Facilities Assistant. I am new to photography and very much a beginner and will be pursuing mainly Aviation (both civil and military) photography as I love all things aviation however I will be...
  2. S

    Nikon micro VR

    What version VR is the Nikon Micro? Many thanks
  3. DJ Teknovibe

    Panasonic GH5 vs Nikon Z6 for photos

    I had a Panasonic GH5 and loved t but I sold it because although the video quality was excellent photo quality was just very good, I used to have a Pentax K70 before that which had WAY better image quality for photos but awful video quality. I'm wondering does anyone know if the Nikon Z6 has...
  4. S

    Which is best Nikon 105 micro or Tamron 90mm macro.

    Which do you guys recommend the Nikon 105 Micro or the New generation Tamron 90mm macro lens? Also the new generation Nikons are now made in China and the Tamrons are still made in Japan do you think this is something to take into consideration? Many thanks
  5. D

    Beginner Film Photography

    Hello! I've been eager to shoot largely focused on minimalism and ambiguous compositions for quite some time. A 35mm point and shoot would be preferable and I've been eyeing up the Olympus OM10 and Canon AE1 - I know it's entirely an individual choice, and down to perspective.. But, if anyone...
  6. B

    NIKKOR 70-300mm price difference

    Hello, I am wondering how places such as NextdayCamera and E-Infinity online camera store can offer such low prices on the 'Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR ' lens, compared to the official stockist. For example: NextDayCamera has the lens listed at £190, new unused and with a...
  7. calarm1992

    Sigma lens will not autofocus

    I recently sold a lens on ebay that was fully functional at the point of sale. It is a Sigma DG 70-300mm F1.4-5.6 (Nikon). I have had no issues using it on my Nikon D5100, however the person who bought it has been trying to use it on his Nikon D3300 and is reporting that the lenses auto focus...
  8. C

    Do I need trigger and transmitter for XPLOR 600PRO TTL?

    I have just purchased a used Flashpoint XPLOR 600PRO TTL Battery-Powered Monolight. Do I need to get the Godox Xpro-N TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Transmitter so that the mono light will work with my Nikon D810 DSLR? In addition, I also need the XPLOR 600Pro to work in sync with my existing SB-910...
  9. M

    AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm 1.35-5.6 G ED Bayonet Mount Ring

    Hello, I have recently taken up photography and inherited a Nikon D300 with AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm 1.35-5.6 G ED lens. Apologies if my terminology is wrong but what I believe is the bayonet mounting ring is missing. I would like to be able to use a lens hood, but don't think I will be able to...
  10. Cam81

    Nikon 28 1.4E

    Hi All, I have a lens dilemma which I'm trying to justify. Currently my lens line up consists of the Nikon 35mm 1.4G, 58mm 1.4G, 85mm 1.4G and 70 - 200 vrii, which I mostly use for weddings. I'm generally happy with all of them but not against the idea of swapping out a lens here and there if...
  11. ZachTheCameraMan

    Nikon D5600 (The Best Camera)

    Nikon D5600 This is a great camera. I upgraded to this from a D3100 and the quality difference is noticeable. Focuses better, takes better photos and has a solid feature set. The Swivel touch screen also makes this useful in more situations. Another bonus is that it is on offer and you can save...
  12. kawakneurder

    Nikon D800 or D7200?

    Hello everyone! A big first post for the forum, so my apologies in advance. I am in the process of upgrading from my existing kit to something better, however, I would love to hear some input from you guys (especially those who have experience with both systems). Currently I own an Canon eos...
  13. Blades Media UK

    Ferrari F430 Scuderia

    Latest Photos: Ferrari F430 Scuderia Shot with the Nikon D500, Tokina 11-16 2.8 pro Iso 100, 1' - 10' shutter time, f16 at 16mm. 3-4 layers per image. Feel free to ask or critique per image.
  14. G

    Nikon D7000 Focus issues

    I have a Nikon D7000 and the Nikon 70-200 F2.8 VR lens. This combination has worked well for me for a number of years, but recetnly I am having focusing issues. When the light is overcast, or in low contrast situations, the lens is hunting excessivly and gives up, and cannot focus. It ends up...
  15. mmandmp_pro


    Hello I am a photographer, I applied for a course at University od east london for a BA in photography, I got accepted friday and my account number, I applied for accomadation as well, just need to wait and see if I will get it. what social media platforms do you use ? I post on twitter, I am...
  16. S

    Nikon 105mm Macro VR Lens

    Hi is the build quality of the Nikon 105mm Macro of high grade I.e. is it constructed by metal? And does it feel sturdy in the hand? I understand the gold ring on top indicates it’s a professional Nikon Lens, so I would assume the quality was good but just want to know for sure. One reason I ask...
  17. S

    FX and DX Lens

    Hi there, Would a 70-300mm FX lens give you a greater zoom on the long end than a dedicated 300mm DX Lens obviously for Nikon. So basically on the DX crop sensor lens do they taper the focal length down to match the 300 equivalent. So in effect not giving you the 1.5 crop factor. Thanks
  18. markmuddimer

    Returning to photography

    Its been a few years since I sold up all my Canon 70D and lenses but Im missing a proper camera after using my phone for family shots. Question is what are people now buying? It was always Canon and Nikon with a little Sony and others behind but I feel the game has changed a little. I also used...
  19. Flowers. Taken on Nikon D5300 and edited in Lightroom Mobile.

    Flowers. Taken on Nikon D5300 and edited in Lightroom Mobile.

  20. Train Tracks.  Taken on Nikon D5300 and edited in Lightroom Mobile.

    Train Tracks. Taken on Nikon D5300 and edited in Lightroom Mobile.

  21. Taken on Nikon D5300 and edited in Lightroom Mobile

    Taken on Nikon D5300 and edited in Lightroom Mobile

  22. SDenny97

    Strobe light help

    Hello I’m doing portraits with a white background and some neewer strobe lights and I’m very confused firstly i’m struggling to connect them to ny d810 with the trigger and i don’t understand the dial on the back is that making the light brighter? I want to find the best combination of settings...
  23. Jeffliv

    Vintage lenses on Nikon D300

    Hi all I recently picked up a used Nikon D300 (which is now my favourite thing in the world!) along with a functional AF 70-300m lens. So far, although I’ve a lot to learn, I’ve taken some reasonable shots as I get to learn how this camera works. One of the reasons I decided to dive into...
  24. Neigh | Nikon D5300

    Neigh | Nikon D5300

  25. Flowering Cupcakes | Nikon D5300

    Flowering Cupcakes | Nikon D5300

    These flower cupcakes turned out beautifully!
  26. Our spring garden | Nikon D5300

    Our spring garden | Nikon D5300

    Enjoyed have a mini photo shoot in the garden taking photos of some of the flowers that have made an appearance!
  27. Our spring garden | Nikon D5300

    Our spring garden | Nikon D5300

    Enjoyed have a mini photo shoot in the garden taking photos of some of the flowers that have made an appearance!
  28. Daisies | Nikon D5300

    Daisies | Nikon D5300

    Spring has arrived as have these beautiful daisies!
  29. Rongo | Nikon D5300

    Rongo | Nikon D5300

    Another one of Rongo (my friend’s dog) in our garden a few weeks ago. They don’t have much of a garden at home so he loves coming to ours for a game of fetch!
  30. Dairy-free Chocolate Brownies | Nikon D5300

    Dairy-free Chocolate Brownies | Nikon D5300

    These brownies were absolutely delicious and a lot of fun to make! I have some stomach issues which means I have to be dairy free but even that can’t stop me from baking up a storm!