Weekly Carl's 2019 52 Project - Week 6 - Waiting

Carl Hall
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Great image Carl!(y)
The wear and tear on the daisy adds a little something special to an already first rate image.
Looks really nice in mono, and the depth of field is spot on.
Thanks Gareth :)

Lovely composition. Suits B&W well.
Cheers Rob

Another stunning image, Carl. Perfect.
Thanks Bob

Love the 'Open' shot Carl! Great job on Cold too!
Thank you Daniel

Nice simple and to the point
Cheers Allan

Perfect for the theme, perfect focus, the clean simple lines accentuated bythe b&w, I really like it, definitely ones of my faves of the week.
Thanks a lot Susie :)

Nicely done and composed!
Thanks Dave!

As has been said, a good shot and to the point.
Thanks Dave

I really like this - there's something a bit weird about all the snow on the flower and all so smooth and tidy
Cheers Ian

Nice cold photo and love it in mono. As a real cold feel to it. That lens looks lovely. Must resist. I went for the 35mm F2 instead. Very drawn to this photo.
Cheers Mandy, it's a fantastic lens! I spent a while picking between the 35 and 22 lol.

Carl, the sunflower is really good. I was tempted with the 23 f2 but went for the 35 f1.4 tempted to have rethink after seeing this
Cheers Chris, I considered the 1.4 but went for the 2 as it was lighter and cheaper.

That's a very good shot, Carl - B&W and shallow DOF are good choices, and it's tack sharp to show the textures where it needs to, especially in the foreground snow (y)
Thanks for the comments Andrea :)

I'm with Gareth on this, the weathered look to the daisy adds texture and something intangible to the shot. I don't think pristine would have come across as well, certainly not in B&W.
Cheers Tim! :)