1. G

    No Histogram on Canon 5D Mark IV

    Hi There Im new here and I am really hoping someone can help me out. I have had a canon 5D for about 6 months now and I still cant get a histogram up in live view. I know it can be done and have searched the internet for help but to no avail. Please can someone help?
  2. Daniel Meads

    Canon 7d mk1?

    Hi, I currently own a canon 450d and was looking at upgrading. I have looked at many used options like a canon 60d because of the price range, however I have primarily looking at the canon 7d MKi now, (didn't before because of the CF card slot and no SD card slot but realised that it's not a...
  3. PhotoBoris

    Ajaccio Cruise Port Panorama

    Taken off the deck of the P&O Oceana in Ajaccio Cruise port on Corsica. Best viewed by clicking through to the full size image on Flickr. 12 portrait shots stitched in Microsoft ICE and touched up a bit in Photoshop and Lightroom. Ajaccio Port Panorama by G B, on Flickr
  4. Hemsworths

    Canon EF-S Lens buying advice?

    Hi I'm pretty new to photography, I bought a Canon 77d with an 18-55mm about 6 months ago. I travel a lot so usually my shooting is on the go, capturing the moment before it passes by. I have found that with the 18-55 I am missing shots as I don't have the chance to get close enough to the...
  5. PhotoBoris

    Valletta Harbour

    Here are a few shots taken around the port area in Valletta. 1 Celebrity Constellation Panorama by G B, on Flickr 2 Valletta Anchor by G B, on Flickr 3 Rowing Against the Tide by G B, on Flickr 4 We're Going on a Cruise - Valletta, Malta by G B, on Flickr 5 Valletta Panorama...
  6. PhotoBoris

    Valletta Seafront Panorama

    Two shot panorama taken in Valletta, stitched using Microsoft ICE and finished off in Lightroom and Photoshop Valletta Seafront Police Station by G B, on Flickr
  7. MysterRees

    Which 70-200mm f/2.8??

    I have a Canon EOS 7d and I am after a versatile lens that could cope with landscape/portraits/wildlife. I've done a little bit of research which has lead me to the 70-200mm 1:2.8. Can anyone give me help/tips/suggestions with what lenses and specs I should look for. I do have a limited budget...
  8. adrianlambert

    Why no Canon 35mm TS-E lens since the FD mount? What are others using?

    As it says in the title!
  9. PhotoBoris

    MS Villa in Messina

    Don't much fancy sailing on her... RFI MS Villa - IMO 8219918 - Callsign IBVK by G B, on Flickr Multiple exposures, stitched in photoshop. Taken from the deck of the P&O Oceana in Messina harbour.
  10. GarethB

    East Anglia Hello from Norfolk UK.

    Hello everyone, hope you are all well, new member here....the name's Gareth and I live in Norfolk. Been interested in photography for quite a few years, but only recently (two years ago) began to take it seriously....seem to have a bit more spare time on my hands of late....don't ask!! :D...
  11. S

    Beginner Should I upgrade?

    so I recently brought a secondhand camera for the first time and didn’t really do and research on it, turned out to be a Canon 450D. Playing around with it for awhile and looking up its specs on the internet, I noticed it’s ten years old! Should I upgrade or just buy a better lenes?
  12. PhotoBoris

    Cruise Ships

    Here are a few shots of cruise ships, both those I have traveled on and others I have encountered on our travels. RCL Symphony of the Seas MS Symphony of the Seas in Civitavecchia by G B, on Flickr AidaPerla MS Aida Perla - Southampton by G B, on Flickr Emerald Princess MV Emerald Princess...
  13. Squa7ch

    Some shots from a recent trip to Florida.

    We took a trip to Florida last week and here are some of the shots I managed to get. All taken with my Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 G2.
  14. PhotoBoris

    Le Mans Classic - Group C Legends

    I have taken a while to post process all of these, but here are a few from the quite brilliant Group C Legends at the Le Mans Classic back in July. 1 Porsche 962s - Le Mans Classic 2018 by G B, on Flickr 2 Shaun LYNN - JAGUAR XJR-9 - 1987- Le Mans Classic 2018 by G B, on Flickr 3 Emka C84-1...
  15. PhotoBoris

    Oulton Park Gold Cup 2018

    Well, this was an unmitigated disaster of a day. I arrived slightly late at 09:00 and parked in the season pass holders car park. It was a bit drizzly, but the forecast said drizzle at 09:00hrs but noting more after that. I then got caught in a torrential downpour between druids and hill top...
  16. PhotoBoris

    Silverstone WEC, ELMS and F3

    Here are a few from my trip to Silverstone. I have tried to do something a bit different with some slower shutter speeds. I took over 5000 images so there will be more to come on my flickr stream! 1 Prema Theodore Racing Mercedes Benz - Dallara - Mick Schumacher - European Formula 3...
  17. PhotoBoris

    Kumho BMW Championship - Oulton Park 2018

    A few from the BMW Championship as part of the Britcar Endurance support over the weekend. 1 Piers REID - BMW E46 M3 3246 by G B, on Flickr 2 Trevor FORD - BMW M3 E36 3000 by G B, on Flickr 3 4 Ben MASON - BMW 325 Compact by G B, on Flickr 4 Jim CANNON - BMW 1 Series 3200 by G B, on Flickr...
  18. PhotoBoris

    A3(+) Printer

    So, I have managed for a couple of years with an Epson XP-750 with an excellent CISS from City Ink Express. I am now looking to upgrade to an a3 or a3+ printer and I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a piece of kit? I am ideally looking for something with six inks rather than four and...
  19. Phiggys

    So what system are you with ?

    Shot on phone with one of those clip on lens attachment thingys
  20. DigitalRevDeals

    Canon EOS 77D vs EOS 80D: What are the Differences?

    Canon's EOS 77D & EOS 80D are so similar that it has left many undecided as to which to buy. Check out their differences here!
  21. DigitalRevDeals

    Nikon D5600 vs Canon EOS 800D: Which has better specs?

    Thinking of getting an upper-entry-level DSLR? Check out our comparison between the Nikon D5600 and Canon EOS 800D!
  22. PhotoBoris

    Silverstone 12hr Grid & Paddock

    A few from the grid and the paddock at this event 1 Hankook Tyres - Hankook 12 hours of Silverstone by G B, on Flickr 2 In the Paddock - Hankook 12 hours of Silverstone by G B, on Flickr 3 Silverstone Course Car - Hankook 12 hours of Silverstone by G B, on Flickr 4 GRT Grasser Racing Team...
  23. martinfuge

    Bomber Crew at Yorkshire Air Museum

    Hi This was taking at The Yorkshire Air Museum at the weekend with the help of re-enactors as part of the museum "Against The Odds" event. Bomber Crew. by Martin Fuge, on Flickr
  24. NicoleGayler

    Canon 400D - upgrade info required...

    Hey Peeps, I’m new to this forum...I’m an amateur photographer and I’m currently using a Canon 400D but I feel it’s time I upgraded my camera body, does anyone have any advice? I mainly photograph landscapes/seascapes and flowers..any advice would be greatfully received :) thanks in advance :)
  25. G

    Need advice regarding stabilising my footage

    Hi there, So I need some advice on what to purchase to help with stable footage for a Canon 5D mark IV with 24-70mm Lens. I am torn between the DJI RONIN M and the ZHIYUN CRANE 2. Price isn’t really a issue as I can get them with £100 difference. I will be traveling Asia to film for resorts...
  26. T

    Are chargers for Canon all the same?

    Hello, I am in the process of selling my Canon 1200D to upgrade to a professional camera (5D maybe). I would like to know if the battery charger for Canon 1200D can only charge this camera's type of battery? Or would the charger work for other batteries like for the Canon 5D? If the charger...
  27. L

    Andoer AD 560 IV Wireless Flash Timing Off

    Good evening. Just joined this forum, looking for a solution that someone here might be able to help with. I recently bought the Andoer AD560 IV 2.4G Wireless Universal On-camera Slave Speedlite Flash Light GN50 LCD Display for Canon Nikon Olympus Pentax for Sony A7/ A7 II/ A7S/ A7R/ A7S II...
  28. CMCImages

    Recent Photography Outings in Scotland

    Over the last few weeks I haven't had much time to get out and shoot. This is a small selection of what I have been able to get over the last few weeks, Its been great fun. 1. Gattonside sunset-2 by Craig McAllister, on Flickr 2. Fire and Ice by Craig McAllister, on Flickr 3. St Abbs Slip by...
  29. J

    Canon 6D shutter count - Wifi?

    I'm selling my Canon 6D, just got round to checking the shutter count and cannot for the life of me find the USB cable. I've found a similar one but that doesn't work. 2 questions: 1. Can any of the utilities do this via Wifi or via Photo Exif (Ive heard they don't work on the 6D) 2. Can...
  30. martinfuge

    Landscape Photography - Skelton Tower North York Moors.

    Hello, I have decided to carry on making landscape vlogs but this time I have taken them from my main channel and created a channel just for landscape photography videos. The other week I decided to stop making these and I deleted all of them from my channel for reasons I won't go into, but as...