1. K

    Filter Query Problems - Canon

    Hi I am new here but I am having a technical nightmare. I am trying to buy a filter at 77mm (what is this called where the mm number is on the lens cap)? to fit on a 67mm lens. I don't know if I need a step up or step down ring for this filter - 77mm to 67mm Also I am looking at 2 other...
  2. R

    New Canon R5 cost

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, but I've just watched the 'all singing, all dancing' launch of the new Canon R5 (hell of a camera) and checked out the price - over in the states it retails for $3,899 in Adorama and over here in Blighty it is £4,199 in Wex. This equates to over...
  3. D

    Beginner Film Photography

    Hello! I've been eager to shoot largely focused on minimalism and ambiguous compositions for quite some time. A 35mm point and shoot would be preferable and I've been eyeing up the Olympus OM10 and Canon AE1 - I know it's entirely an individual choice, and down to perspective.. But, if anyone...
  4. Tysonator

    Spec Me a Heavy Duty Tripod

    Hi All, I would like a cheapy ( chinse knock off is fine ) Heavey tripod for star gazing / astro shots and wildlife. The weight will be caon EOS 7Dii and either 100-400L mkii or sigma 150-600 Comtempoary lens at my most extreme weight use. I am not in the market for a Nick Page or Tomas Heaton...
  5. S

    help on measuring noise on DSLR and IPhone please

    test method: I took a completely black photograph at night in a dark room on my Canon 1200D with a lens cap on to capture an absolute black image. this image was later put into post processing software to show the peak blacks. the following image is the result, ofcourse the remainder of the...
  6. J

    Canon iP8750 Issue - Last part of print quality terrible

    I am having an issue with my printer Canon iP8750. The last cm or so of prints are not printing correctly and look extremely grainy as you can see below. What is causing this / how to fix? I am printing via Lightroom on a Mac on Matt 230gsm paper by Fotospeed & Marrutt. Thanks
  7. Jamesjoc

    Canon lens dilemma

    Hi, Long time lurker and finally a newbie to the site so hello from here. As a keen aviation shooter, I’m considering picking up a used Mk ii Canon 100-400mm lens to help me reduce the quantity of lenses that I have acquired over the years. I own the 70-200 2.8L, 70-300L and 400mm prime...
  8. Tysonator

    Exit Author name & Copyright ! ?

    Hello, How do I change the setting on canon EOS 7Dii so that the Exif File Details tab, Origin secting for the Author and copyright info, as the previous owners name and e mail are still being displayed ? Many thanks T
  9. kbr0wn

    Beginner Budget landscape lens recommendations please!

    I'm totally new to this website so hello! I'm a photography beginner who's wanting to take it a bit more seriously, and am looking for recommendations! I have a Canon EOS 7D (mark I) and am looking for the best landscape/wide angle lenses that you guys use and would recommend please? I...
  10. Tysonator

    Barn Doors !

    Hi, just wondering if there is a third party accessory for barn door attachment to speedlites or a DIY hack ? My Speedlite are Canon 580EX MKii & 430EX Mk ii many thanks T
  11. Dave Canon

    Canon EOS 5D Mk IV Firmware Update

    Contacted by Canon with news of a firmware update today. The details do not suggest that it would affect me so I am inclined to ignore it. Do others ignore these updates? Dave
  12. S

    Canon 7d mkii

    Hi everyone I’m sort o new to photography and was looking to buy a camera for sports and wildlife photography and was wondering would a canon 7d mkii still be worth purchasing thanks in advance
  13. ETL_Photo

    Hello from South Africa

    I am an IT Professional (from South Africa) who enjoys working with people (consulting). My focus is always on building good relations, and creating lasting memories. Photography for me started out as an interest, then a hobby, and is transitioning into a profession. My objective is simple...
  14. rich007

    how could i improve

    I like photography, and do as much as I can but need direction on how to improve, this is one of my latest images
  15. J

    Which Camera to Upgrade to for Architectural Photography

    Hi all I'm in the market for a new camera body but need some advice on which one to go for. It will be used for architectural photography/walk through videos - mainly interiors. To give you some context, over the last 18 months I have been using a Canon 550d (old I know!) with a £300...
  16. kawakneurder

    Nikon D800 or D7200?

    Hello everyone! A big first post for the forum, so my apologies in advance. I am in the process of upgrading from my existing kit to something better, however, I would love to hear some input from you guys (especially those who have experience with both systems). Currently I own an Canon eos...
  17. YoshiK1

    3rd -Party Printer Ink Suggestions

    Does anyone have a pro printer where they use 3rd party inks? I've a Canon Pro100S and the inks are damn expensive especially since I need to replace them all this time due to not printing in a long time. If so, can you recommend any ink refill systems that are true to their colours they're...
  18. markmuddimer

    Returning to photography

    Its been a few years since I sold up all my Canon 70D and lenses but Im missing a proper camera after using my phone for family shots. Question is what are people now buying? It was always Canon and Nikon with a little Sony and others behind but I feel the game has changed a little. I also used...
  19. thepoolguy

    Hello from Edinburgh

    Hello everyone :wave:. I'm Steve from Edinburgh and new to this forum. I've joined because I'm confused and looking for help / opinion / clarity. Here's my problem ... I was a Canon fanboy for years with the 5DMkII and 24-70mm f2.8L II being my absolute go to combo. I then started shooting more...
  20. Finste

    Sigma 135 Art for Canon

    Hi, The reputable review sites seem to speak highly enough of this lens optically that I'm considering it over Canon's 135mm Has anyone had any experience with this lens on a Canon. I'm primarily interested in its ability to focus. I know that razor thin depth of field brings its own issues...
  21. B

    Mirorless Upgrade or not?

    Morning All, It's been some time since i've been on TP but pop in now and then for a read. I'm not fully up to date nowadays so was looking for some advice - but first some history. Many moons ago my main use was motorsport but i moved away from that and then it was predominantly airsoft as i...
  22. Jordan H

    Canon 300mm 2.8 L Mk I or Sigma 120-300mm 2.8 Sport?

    My next purchase is going to be a 300mm 2.8, but I'm not sure what to choose. I shoot with a Canon 7D MkII and have a 70-200 2.8 and mostly shoot football mostly Womens and Non-League and looking for a lens to maybe to use in years to come shooting higher level football. I have used the Sigma...
  23. PhotoBoris

    Pre '66 Touring Cars & Pre '83 Group 1 Touring Cars at Oulton Park

    Here are a few shots taken in one of the old touring car series categories at Oulton Park over the weekend. It was really well attended and as usual, very well organised by BARC. 1 Pre '66 Touring Cars & Pre '83 Group 1 Touring Cars - BARC, Oulton Park-222 by G B, on Flickr 2...
  24. P

    Any recommendations....need help

    Hi Guys, my Nikon D7000 has broken (sd card readers on side broke) so I’m going to look at a new camera instead as I was going to upgrade anyway! Now my delimma is the fact I’ve researched it a bit too much a few cameras have caught my eye. I’ll be using the camera as business - work in baby...
  25. PhotoBoris

    Mk2 Escorts

    Since I didn't post any in the other thread, here are some Mk 2 escorts form last weekend at Donington Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -179 by G B, on Flickr Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -186 by G B, on Flickr Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -247 by G B, on...
  26. PhotoBoris

    Dukeries Donington Stage Rally

    A good start to this year's motorsport season with a very wet and windy day at Donington Park last weekend for the first round of the MSN Circuit Rally championship. 1 Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -239 by G B, on Flickr 2 Dukeries Donington Rally - 3rd March 2019 -276 by G B, on...
  27. G

    No Histogram on Canon 5D Mark IV

    Hi There Im new here and I am really hoping someone can help me out. I have had a canon 5D for about 6 months now and I still cant get a histogram up in live view. I know it can be done and have searched the internet for help but to no avail. Please can someone help?
  28. Daniel Meads

    Canon 7d mk1?

    Hi, I currently own a canon 450d and was looking at upgrading. I have looked at many used options like a canon 60d because of the price range, however I have primarily looking at the canon 7d MKi now, (didn't before because of the CF card slot and no SD card slot but realised that it's not a...
  29. PhotoBoris

    Ajaccio Cruise Port Panorama

    Taken off the deck of the P&O Oceana in Ajaccio Cruise port on Corsica. Best viewed by clicking through to the full size image on Flickr. 12 portrait shots stitched in Microsoft ICE and touched up a bit in Photoshop and Lightroom. Ajaccio Port Panorama by G B, on Flickr
  30. D

    Canon EF-S Lens buying advice?

    Hi I'm pretty new to photography, I bought a Canon 77d with an 18-55mm about 6 months ago. I travel a lot so usually my shooting is on the go, capturing the moment before it passes by. I have found that with the 18-55 I am missing shots as I don't have the chance to get close enough to the...