1. B

    Best DSLR / mirrorless for photographing artwork?

    Hello all I'm a painter (canvases not walls) and want to start photographing my paintings instead of paying someone to do it (because it can't be that difficult and the savings I make doing it myself will quickly cover the cost of the equipment). So what camera and lenses do people recommend...
  2. Squa7ch

    Some shots from a recent trip to Florida.

    We took a trip to Florida last week and here are some of the shots I managed to get. All taken with my Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 G2.
  3. G

    Beginner Mirrorless vs DSLR

    I am completing a photography course and after lots of research chose the canon m6 to invest in due to size and weight. While travelling it was damaged, I am looking to replace and wondered if I should get the same model. I am looking to go pro and can't decide which would be best.thanks
  4. DigitalRevDeals

    Canon EOS 77D vs EOS 80D: What are the Differences?

    Canon's EOS 77D & EOS 80D are so similar that it has left many undecided as to which to buy. Check out their differences here!
  5. A

    Pentax K-3, Nikon D7100 or D7200? I'm Stuck!

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for any advice offered. Long story short I have dabbled in photography over the years starting out in college taking it as a course then moving into film with a Canon EOS 300, moving on up to a Nikon D60 and a Nikon D3200 respectively. After a few years away from...
  6. martinfuge

    Landscape Photography - Skelton Tower North York Moors.

    Hello, I have decided to carry on making landscape vlogs but this time I have taken them from my main channel and created a channel just for landscape photography videos. The other week I decided to stop making these and I deleted all of them from my channel for reasons I won't go into, but as...
  7. C

    A first dslr

    I've been researching different models for my first dslr camera and wanted some advice on what to look out for. Much homework had me excited about the Nikon D3300 as a great starter camera for going from hobby to amateur. Just about to bite the bullet and someone has suggested an older second...
  8. Tricia1986

    Getting my first camera and need help choosing

    Hi im going to Disney land this year and wanted to buy a decent camera (either bridge or dlsr) that i can take good pictures on. I have around £150 to spend, i know this isnt a great amount of money to buy something but i dont mind buying second hand. I was just wondering what peoples thoughts...
  9. S

    Beginner New Upgrade Help

    Hi all, New to this forum so hello from me. I am by no means a professional photographer. I spend my time capturing precious family moments and I also as a hobby like taking photo's of cycling events and motorbikes, mainly WSB and MotoGP. I purchased my first 'proper' camera a few years back...
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  11. mpb.com

    Latest reductions at mpb.com!

    We've got some amazing deals on our site at mpb.com the moment! £300 off Leica SL (Type 601) £150 off Canon EOS 5DS £250 off Phase One P25 Digital Back...
  12. TGphoto

    Best landscape/low light performer for under £1000

    Hi, I posted a couple of days ago about mirrorless systems. I just wanted to test the water here to see what options people suggest. Moving from a Canon 7D. Looking for any suggestions as to great cameras with excellent IQ with decent low light performance for under or around a grand...
  13. TGphoto

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 - vs. Canon 7D

    Hi, As the title states. Currently have the Canon 7D with a 10-18mm, 18-35mm, 50mm, 55-250mm lens portfolio. I am considering something different, newer and smaller. I am not getting enough use out of it. Interested in the Panasonic GX8. Would get the 12-60mm lens but would like a telephoto...
  14. K

    Beginner Camera to buy? for beginner and equipments ??

    All I know right now is I want a body that is lightweight to carry around, take high quality images and can do great photography and videography without it compromising the other. I know lenses matter more than the body, and I'm looking to invest in some great lenses as well. I want to shoot...
  15. J

    Beginner photography virgin right here...

    Hello everybody, I am going on a trip to south africa in 2018 and as it is such a beautiful place i am obviously looking to take some high quality photographs/ video to look back at. i have very little experience with camera equipment only having used my phone for anything worth of taking a...
  16. Terrry

    Beginner Second hand shutter count?

    When buying second hand DSLR camera, is there a rule of thumb in regards to shutter count? Such as X shutter count per X years or anything similar? There are a lot of second hand cameras around with a huge variation of pictures taken and years (some are 17k in 3 years, while others might be 5k...
  17. K

    Beginner which camera should i buy?

    I know this is a very common question- Please bear with me. I really hope I can get some informative answers as I have no knowledge in photography. I'll mainly like to buy a dslr to use for 1-2 years down the line without really upgrading. I mainly want to use it to post great instagram photos...
  18. DigitalRevDeals

    New Arrival - Canon EOS M6

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  19. JohnN

    A question for you guys that have moved away from full frame to Fuji.

    Hi, What made you do it? Did you find a lens (I'm guessing the 56mm) that compensates enough to eliminate the crop? What sort of thing do you shoot? Any regrets? What were the pros and cons of the move? I'm asking people who moved rather than have it as a second system as they had hard...
  20. DigitalRevDeals

    DigitalRev Back to School Promo!

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  21. Pearsonia

    Beginner Choosing a camera

    Hey guys I have a budget of £350. Im new to photography and am looking for a DSLR which will be able to take good low light images. I have looked at th Nikon D5200, what are your thoughts? Are there any better options?