1. garryknight

    My blog, mono log

    Back on the 31st of January this year, I started a blog on how I learnt to create monochrome photos, as someone who previously thought that mono "sucks the life out of the image". I've just uploaded my 29th post, "What a coincidence!" on what I call 'juxtapositions of coincidence' and how you...
  2. Derwentwater


    Derwent water in monochrome
  3. Bec


    Indoor portrait,female, beauty,high key,
  4. Demi


    High key, portrait, mono, high key,
  5. Katy


  6. Will.B


  7. N

    Do star trails and milky way shots work in monochrome ?

    Hi..... I sometimes go through a black & white phase and end up re-processing certain previously taken colour images into monochrome but I'm often sceptical about whether star trails and/or milky way images work well in black & white. Even if I personally like them at the time of re-processing...
  8. todders

    Misty Spring Morning On The Canal

    Taken on Grand Union Canal near Hemel Hempstead.
  9. Phiggys

    Shooting with older Nikon DX body with ATX10-17mm fisheye zoom

    Shot this with one of my all time favourite lens puchases:) The Chapel North Wales by Philip Higgins, on Flickr
  10. Neilmack

    Recommendations for a photo printer for MONOCHROME

    Nothing bigger than A3 (A4 would do), and I'd prefer it not to cost any more than £350. Any thoughts? Is it even a possibility?
  11. Neilmack

    Shoot monochrome, or shoot colour, and convert later?

    My cameras offer a choice of colour and monochrome shooting options. I seem to always have the camera set to colour. Yet I like mono, and frequently convert a colour image to black and white. Does image quality benefit from being shot in mono in the first place, or is it simply more convenient...
  12. David Street

    Macro Noir

    My latest macro project...a dumbel. I created this from a stack of 34 images. Pretty happy with how this turned out but I am going to revisit the subject as I think there is more I can do with it.
  13. MrDrizz

    Rocky 1, 2 and 3

    So went back to Llanddwyn Island with no real idea of what I wanted to capture. So did a little experimenting and here's the results. One thing I will add, the Cokin filter I own have to go, the colour cast is very hard to correct, it's compounded if you say have a .3 ND and then add a grad. The...
  14. Clactonian

    Canary Wharf

    A few from one of my favourite haunts, but get a permit to photograph if you want an interrupted day. ATTACH=full]75402[/ATTACH]
  15. Kei

    River Neath & Mellte

    Went back to Pontneddfechan with the RZ armed with a few rolls of film. Only used one roll of PanF in the end which is a bit poor by my usual standards but the results seem pretty decent. I used a yellow filter (Y2) this time so that the shutter speeds were much higher than the last time. 1...
  16. MrDrizz

    Liverpool City Skyline

    Even though this isn't great, I still like it. Liverpool Skyline by Mr Drizz, on Flickr
  17. MrDrizz

    Some from my Lakes trip

    I've already posted one but though I should put the rest in a single post. I'm happy with them although I don't feel any are print worthy. DSCF0943-2 by Mr Drizz, on Flickr DSCF0994-1 by Mr Drizz, on Flickr DSCF0971-5 by Mr Drizz, on Flickr DSCF0962-4 by Mr Drizz, on Flickr DSCF0946-3...
  18. MrDrizz

    Mountain top.

    I think this is High Rigg, not really sure. DSCF0843-1 by Mr Drizz, on Flickr
  19. Kei

    SOC National in Pembrey

    SOC being saab owners club. What with the mamiya RZ67 being my favourite camera, it almost always goes with me to events like these. Funnily enough, it garnered more attention than the cars. These were all shot on Rollei Retro 80S using the 65mm f4 and a yellow filter. Dev was D76 1+1 @ 20...
  20. maddog.mark

    B&W Santa Maria del Camí, Mallorca

    An empty street just round the corner from a bustling market in Mallorca. DSCF511 by Mark, on Flickr
  21. CMCImages

    Scottish Highlands, First visit

    Being a sport photographer for many years now i am used to capturing the action but recently started looking into shooting Landscape work and found it very peaceful and relaxing, Enjoyable but difficult at the same time. I visited the Highlands of Scotland and caught a few shots, 1. 2. 3. .
  22. Mark G


    I've started a new project as I want to do a wall in my house of framed square monochrome images, First I just need to take a load of square monochrome images. I'm nicknaming them MonoSquare's for obvious reasons. I'm shooting on my Fuji X-Pro 1 using Black and White in camera 1:1 jpeg with a...
  23. CMCImages

    First Street Photography Shoot.

    Went out on the streets for the first time, I am a Sport photographer but i decided to head out with my Newly acquired Fuji Mirrorless camera with a 27mm f2.8 Shooting the Streets of Edinburgh. Here is the ones i liked the best from my day. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  24. Overlooking Cardiff Bay toward Scott Harbour

    Overlooking Cardiff Bay toward Scott Harbour

  25. Overlooking Cardiff Bay toward Scott Harbour

    Overlooking Cardiff Bay toward Scott Harbour

  26. All these belts and they are all too tight!!

    All these belts and they are all too tight!!

  27. All these belts and they are all too tight!!

    All these belts and they are all too tight!!