1. D

    Daybreak at Buachaille Etive Mor

    Daybreak in October 2018 at Buachaille Etive Mor and the Coupall River, a very cold morning but beautiful day. Buachaille Etive Mor by David Young, on Flickr
  2. kbr0wn

    Beginner Budget landscape lens recommendations please!

    I'm totally new to this website so hello! I'm a photography beginner who's wanting to take it a bit more seriously, and am looking for recommendations! I have a Canon EOS 7D (mark I) and am looking for the best landscape/wide angle lenses that you guys use and would recommend please? I...
  3. david1701

    Critique on a seascape

    What do people think of this one, I'm not sold on the retouching and I'm open to opinions on the composition.
  4. TGphoto

    Dunstanburgh Castle

    On a recent trip to Northumberland, I decided to take a trip to Dunstanburgh castle later in the day just to check it out. I thought I'd see just how bad the rocks were before going back for a sunrise shot. I decided to take a few shots and actually, it worked out pretty well. The sun cast some...
  5. Geoff Moore

    Landscape Photography Rust

    Christmas has passed and the new year is well and truly underway, for me however it's been a couple of months of little in the way of creativity or desire to be out with the camera and photographing the landscape. I have been feeling both frustrated and disinterested in getting out and taking...
  6. Darkslinger

    2020 Darkslinger's 52 Week Challenge - 2020

    Week #1 Local Interest - One day of nice parks and mountain views...
  7. Autumn colours

    Autumn colours

  8. D

    The Buachaille

    The Buachaille by David Young, on Flickr Not really a landscape photographer - I can count the amount of times I've used a tripod for still photography on my fingers - would be rude to not take a pic here at least once in my life though.
  9. Felixstowe International Port

    Felixstowe International Port

    Container ship docked at Felixstowe International Port on River Orwell, Suffolk.
  10. coddy72

    Pier at St Annes

    Taken with my phone on a wander on the beach, that was a couple of planes at Southport airshow in the background.
  11. M

    Shinzo Maeda...anyone?

    Hello, first post on this site. I have been trying to find out about a Japanese Nature/Landscape Photographer who's name was Shinzo Maeda. I own 1 book by him, which I bought at a second hand book shop a couple of years ago. Other than the short Wikipedia entry about him and the odd photo...
  12. Canal sunrise

    Canal sunrise

    Fradley Junction - handheld panorama
  13. PhotoBoris

    Brighton Pier

    Gosh, it was a windy, horrible day yesterday. I originally planned to do a panorama of the pier, but once I had stitched it in ICE I found that an A4 crop worked better. Brighton Pier on A Windy Day by G B, on Flickr
  14. Ironbridge in Infrared

    Ironbridge in Infrared

  15. autumn in Cumbria

    autumn in Cumbria

    Autumn in the LakeDistrict
  16. Ullswater


    Lake District Cumbria
  17. david357

    Crawiau (Slate fencing) above Blaenau Ffestiniog on a misty day.

    Taken on a walk around the tops of Blaenau Ffestiniog, through several abandoned quarries, most of the day in mist and walking along muddy/boggy tracks. This was the best I could manage, but it meant I took a picture!
  18. TGphoto


    Hi all, Nipped into Manchester the other week with this shot in mind. Let me know what you think. Manchester. by Thomas Green, on Flickr']Manchester. by Thomas Green, on Flickr[/URL] Thanks, Tom
  19. Steelo

    A few from my trips out over the last fortnight

    Here's a handful of images taken this past fortnight, making the most of my time off work before going back on Monday. About 2500 miles travelled, a few photos taken, and generally a good few day trips away with good mates. 1. Kilchurn Castle by Martin Steele, on Flickr 2. Lochan na...
  20. O

    Can you let me know if I'm going wrong?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to photography (3 years) and have an Instagram account dedicated to my predominately landscape photography - I want to know from you lot where my photos could generally improve? Or are they good and I just need more experience, picking up...
  21. mattwalkerncl

    Simon Baxter/ Mark Littlejohn trees

    I’m a huge Mark Littlejohn fan - from his satirical outlook to his locations and processing. I’ve been looking for gnarled and grizzly trees for ages, I’ve tried Cod Beck Reservoir near Northallerton, the moors north of Rivaleaux Abbey and Isthmus Bay and Hodge Close quarry in the lakes but...
  22. Daniel Meads

    Canon 7d mk1?

    Hi, I currently own a canon 450d and was looking at upgrading. I have looked at many used options like a canon 60d because of the price range, however I have primarily looking at the canon 7d MKi now, (didn't before because of the CF card slot and no SD card slot but realised that it's not a...
  23. PhotoBoris

    Civitavecchia Seafront

    Taken on the seafront at Civitavecchia Civitavecchia Seafront by G B, on Flickr
  24. PhotoBoris

    Valletta Harbour

    Here are a few shots taken around the port area in Valletta. 1 Celebrity Constellation Panorama by G B, on Flickr 2 Valletta Anchor by G B, on Flickr 3 Rowing Against the Tide by G B, on Flickr 4 We're Going on a Cruise - Valletta, Malta by G B, on Flickr 5 Valletta Panorama...
  25. Will.B

    Milton Sands Rock Arch

    Happened upon this lovely place on a day trip in Devon.
  26. M

    Landscape people on YouTube - post your recommendations please

    PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN RECOMMENDATIONS TO THIS LIST, THANKS Well, we all know Thomas Heaton will be on here, so here he is but I would also suggest these folks as well worth a look, I include...
  27. Jake

    One for critique, long exposure off the Portuguese coast

    Hello all, Not posted anything for critique for a long time but I am feeling especially pleased with this one, and I am always looking to improve. So lets have at it! Yesterday we visited Praia do Magoito, a beach in Sintra. As we approached the temperature dropped and for what should have...
  28. M

    Cartledge landscapes, YouTube - anyone watch?

    Nev Cartledge - Wondered if anyone else is watching this chap? Lots of quirky humour, more misfortune than Thomas Heaton and the landscape images are (in my opinion) really lovely. Not sure I could cope with 11 years in a camper though - the water frozen in the saucepan in less than an hour is...
  29. jmcdyre

    Critique Stormy Welsh Coast

    Not posted on here for a while. Was lucky enough (?) to be in Wales during the recent stormy weather and managed to get these that I enjoy, but as ever happy to receive pointers to improve. Biggest hurdle on all of these was having to protect my camera (D5600) from the spray being blown my way...
  30. Andy Into The Wild

    Loch Lomand & The Trossachs: 3 moods

    I just came back from a nice little break in Scotland and came away with some images I'm really proud of. I've presented 3 of them here as 3 separate moods as I think they contrast together quite nicely. Comments, critique or feedback welcome :) 1. I had about 20 seconds of the rainbow plus...