Stardust's 52 week challenge 2024

Filthy.. it certainly is and the weather looks like it fits the bill too.
Whole.. looks scrummy.
Filthy: Works well. It does indeed look filthy. Sewage comes to mind.

Whole: A lot of thought behind this one. Going out to 'hunt' for suitable images is quite an appealing pastime for me. But when you also get to eat what you have 'hunted' it's a win-win!!
I'm thinking that wouldn't be 'whole' for long in my house.
I must admit, it didn't last long after I took the photo :ROFLMAO:

Thanks @Boots I'll try and remember that for next time as had a similar thing for my week 1 photo. Good to know there are ways around these things :giggle:
Thank you all for the love on my last two images, I'm sorry I don't reply sooner, I don't seem to get notified on responses (not just on here but other things as well) need to review my settings but it is all very much appreciated.
Just to the left of you was basically the view from my desk for a number of years.
The red barge in your photo is basically the location that they beached The Marchioness (a few years before I started up there).
That's interesting, I had no idea that's where it happened. I work sort of diagonally opposite by London Bridge so often walk past both locations in a loop.
Week 9 - Hidden
I thought I'd have some fun with this given that the weather is awful this weekend (hope everyone is staying safe). I decided to make use of my many books especially my many Harry Potter books (and I'm not ashamed to say this is only half of my collection :ROFLMAO: ). For the keen eyed, 'Lord of the Rings' is hiding inbetween.
Week 9 - Hidden.jpg
Week 9 - Hidden - alternative
I also toyed (no pun inteded) with my Frodo pop figure as it's where he has the ring on so is 'hidden' from sight, however, I wasn't as keen on the edit of this one. I think it might have worked better if the sun was on him to make him seem more transparent.
Week 9 - Hidden (alternative).jpg
Week 10 - Texture(s)
This week I decided to use my old dragon 'Amber' for my model. Although she looks slightly rough (in more than one sense of the word) she is surprisngly smooth. I thought her with the smooth wood of the cabinet, the slightly rough wall and the tweed like texture on the stool would all work well.
As a side note, Amber is between 23-25yrs old and I can still remember the day and location I bought her :giggle:
Week 10 - Texture.jpg
Week 11 - personal
I'm just going to apologise now for the cheesiness of this post lol. This is my personalised hoodie which I got made up when I attended last years London International Horse Show. I have been trying to build up my confidence and photography skills for the past year or so and in 2022 decicded that if I had progressed I would buy a personalised hoodie with my instagram handle on it not for any other reason than I liked it. I don't have much confidence in myself so by having this I'm hoping it will help me to have confidence in what I'm doing, so yeah, this is my photo for this week.
Week 11 - Personal.jpg
Love the story, confidence is hard won and easily broken, but photography like all art is different for everyone so don’t get bothered by it, just enjoy your photography and creativity
Being open and honest is a sign of confidence in my book. So is posting your photos here on this forum. Just go for it. This week's photo is perfect for the theme, and the explanation is worthwhile.
Thank you @AlanDorset, @BobBCN and @SimonH. I really appreciate your feedback and knowing that I'm doing ok/well with the topics this year is also helping. I'm loving the challenges that come from this years topics and looking forward to seeing where I end the year compared to where I started.
Playing catch up a bit now, took me a while to think of what to do for this week and then due to one thing or another it's taken me a few weeks to be able to upload the images. Still here they are for the past 3 weeks:

Week 12 - Shadows and Silhouttes (tech - vivid)
Week 12 - shadows and siluettes (tech - vivid) (1 of 1).jpg
Week 13 - unkempt
Please forgive the bad masking on this one, there was graffitti which may have offended some people so I've masked it out (the usual teenage mind graffitti lol)
Week 13 - Unkempt (1 of 1).jpg
No horsing around withthat gob! Even if it's an old shot. Nice one :)
Shadows and Silhouttes - lovely pic

A great gobshot for Bolero! Nicely done
Nice catch up. I particularly like the gob shot. Great compostion and well captured.