Stardust's 52 week challenge 2024

Thanks all, very much appreciated, have been having a bit of 'being my worst critic' of late so appreciate all of your cheers :giggle:
Week 15 - Snapper's Choice.
I'm afraid I'm sticking with the horse theme :ROFLMAO:
I was lucky enough to attend a workshop yesterday organised by a friend which involved a horse and a beach. This is something I've wanted to do for a while so was very excited. I decided to puruse Pinterest before hand, as one does, to try and find some inspiration and saw some 'hoofprints in the sand' shots. With that in mind I wanted to try something slightly different and I am so happy with how this has come out. Am toying with entering it into a competition but will be sleeping on that one for a bit.
Copy - Week 15 - Snapper's Choice (1 of 1).jpg
Bit of a shoe-in that one Charlie :banana:

I lIke it :)
Great concept, nicely executed. Not sure if I would have picked the rear hoof as the focus point?
I like the idea of the horse walking away and leaving its prints in the sand. I think I would have tried from further away and a low POV, with the full horse in the distance and a longer trail leading you into the shot Maybe a bit too clichéd perhaps.
Interesting idea... I agree with Bob that I might have tried for a lower pov and more of the horse. Works pretty well though.
Thanks guys. I agree with the full horse being in the background. Unfortunately the location for that wasn't ideal with this shot as the horse had to curve and didn't want to move away from the owner hahaha. I definitely want to revisit this shot and reattempt it so when I do I will try for the full horse as well.
Week 16 - empty
I decided to make the most of my lunchbreak in the city yesterday as it was sunny, only trouble was everyone else had the same idea. This shot took me a little while to get as the house seems the ideal smokers location but thankfully got an 'empty' shot of this house and the front garden
Week 16 - Empty (2) (1 of 3).jpg
Week 16 - alternative shots.
Just because I seem to be running with a horse theme, thought I'd make the most of this empty police horsebox :giggle:
Week 16 - Empty (2) (2 of 3).jpg

Also, wonder if 'no man's' land would count as empty?! (Not entirely sure where the divide between the two roads is)
Week 16 - Empty (2) (3 of 3).jpg
Snappers choice, interesting idea worth revisiting as you said
Agree with Stan you’ve picked the right one for the theme, house looks good against the blue, guess that house has seen a few changes in the surroundings.
Yep the right one for empty. I;d have cropped it just above the old house to emphasis the empty garden.
I like your chosen shot. There's a nice juxtaposition of old and modern and some great reflections in the windows.
Week 17 - Structure
This one I feel as though I'm throwing away a wee bit but I've struggled with trying to find a subject. When I first saw 'structure' I thought of buildings but then I wondered if that was more 'architecture'?
I've therefore gone for this shot, it's from one of the buildings that overlooks the Thames near the Monument in London. These 'platforms' I guess they're called jut out from the building so I've taken this looking upwards from the ground.
As I say, not sure if this is more architecture or not so posting early in case need to resubmit :)
Week 17 - Structure.jpg
Works well. I was there on Saturday :)
Nice one. The pov makes it look a bit like a bridge. Interesting building indeed.
Week 18 - Straight (out of the camera)
I've def got a theme this year haven't I?! :ROFLMAO:
Week 18 - Straight (Ps).jpg
Could do with a tight crop, but then would not be straight out of the camera, also the horse appears to be leaning to the right. But as is, it fits the theme
Yup, defiintely a theme going on here. I like the cute, over the shoulder pose.
Week 19 - Bent
Thought I'd give you all a break from the horses this week so I've put a picture of a Highland Coo with bent horns (hopefully acceptable). Again, taken at Wicken Fen last week.
Week 19 - Bent.jpg
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Love that! Perfectly positioned and looking totally chilled!! Acceptable! Bent or curved? All the same to me.
Thank you :) I must admit I was wondering the same thing with the whole bent/curved question
Nicely done Heilan coo :)