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  1. JD Talk 1 May 21, 2019-2.jpg

    JD Talk 1 May 21, 2019-2.jpg

    Taken on walk from Manesty to Keswick using Panasonic G9 and 12 - 60 f2.8
  2. JD Talk 1 May 21, 2019.jpg

    JD Talk 1 May 21, 2019.jpg

    Taken on walk from Manesty to Keswick using Panasonic G9 and 12 - 60 f2.8
  3. TGphoto

    Stickle Tarn and Pavey Ark

    Took these on a recent trip to the lakes, think we were lucky to get such great reflections. Comments welcome. Stickle%20Tarn%20Reflection%20by%20Thomas%20Green,%20on%20Flickr']Stickle Tarn Reflection by Thomas Green, on Flickr[/URL]...
  4. TGphoto

    Blea Tarn.

    I got pretty lucky when visiting at half term - reflections twice in a trip. It gets shot by everyone but it's such a fantastic place. Blue Hour - it was very blue and getting dark, I pulled this back slightly in post to give it a more subtle feel...
  5. Ullswater,


    The Boathouse Lakeside at Ullswater
  6. autumn in Cumbria

    autumn in Cumbria

    Autumn in the LakeDistrict
  7. Steelo

    A few from my trips out over the last fortnight

    Here's a handful of images taken this past fortnight, making the most of my time off work before going back on Monday. About 2500 miles travelled, a few photos taken, and generally a good few day trips away with good mates. 1. Kilchurn Castle by Martin Steele, on Flickr 2. Lochan na...
  8. TGphoto


    A shot of the Langdales taken from Loughrigg fell. Was stood for a while waiting for the light, but finally got the shot I was after with this one. Comments welcome. Langdales by Thomas Green, on Flickr']Langdales by Thomas Green, on Flickr[/URL] Tom
  9. D

    Photos by Windermere.

    So I have just recently been to the lake district. A month or so of the hottest temperatures on record and it rains so hard that I had to bring waterproofs :/ English weather is back again eh. On the plus side the clouds made for some nice photographs. I thought I would post them here, I...
  10. TGphoto

    North England Lake District Sunset - Mid June - Where to go?

    Going to camp in the lakes tomorrow night, can go anywhere but want decent sunset light and location. Not Buttermere as I was there a couple of weeks ago. Any suggestions for catching the good light at this time of year? Considering Wasdale but just aware it's pretty far out and need to be in...
  11. TGphoto

    A lake district trip

    Hi, I had a couple of nights in the Lake District recently and thought I'd share a few images. EDIT: Will just add a bit more context here. 1. Got up at 4.15am for this - went down to the lake and there was no reflection, I had to wait about 45 minutes to get some nice light on the fells and...
  12. N

    Last Light on Wasdale

    Last Light on Wasdale by Northaway Photography, on Flickr
  13. monkeyleader

    A Month in the Van

    First stop, The Lakes ... Our first month-long trip in the van sees us first hitting the Lakes under blue skies. Didn't get the big boy camera out at all, just explored lots with the iPhone. Next stop Scotland, where I hear it's a touch colder. Follow our adventures here.
  14. TGphoto

    A day in the lakes

    Just a few photos to share. A pretty uninspiring day in the lakes weather wise so tried a few different shots. Spent more of the day driving than anything else and could have definitely done with a longer lens, which was pretty annoying. Fairly happy with these three shots though considering my...
  15. TGphoto

    View from Castlerigg

    Went up to the stone circle and it was pretty busy (middle of the day). This view caught my eye at the back. Originally this image was part of a 5 image pano stitch I created, however I quite like this image in its own right. A valley view from Castlerigg. by Thomas Green, on Flickr']A valley...
  16. TGphoto

    Trip to the Lake District.

    Took a trip to the lakes last week, photography wasn't the main focus but I got a few images I was happy with (had to test out the new A7II after-all :LOL:). Not a massive fan of blue skies for lake district photography but I did what I could with the time I had. (y) Let me know what you...
  17. TGphoto

    North England Good spots on Ullswater for sunrise?

    Going there tomorrow morning so would appreciate any suggestions, cheers. Tom
  18. Andrew Benbow

    Critique Autumn in the Lakes

    Spent the last couple of weeks in the Lake District. The weather was, let's say challenging, but I had a great time. All comments welcomed.
  19. TGphoto

    Derelict House..

    Hi, One from the Lake district meet the other week. Just spotted this shot walking from the car. Weather was pretty rubbish but its helped the atmosphere here I think. Thanks for looking. Sharper on Flickr Derelict House by Thomas Green, on Flickr
  20. CMCImages

    Haweswater Reservoir Today

    My first visit to the stunning Haweswater Reservoir today. It was a very interesting visit with 30mph gusts of wind It was great fun and waiting for the light that never arrived. I had some more time to explore but there was no sunset or colour in the sky tonight so this is what i came home with...
  21. TGphoto

    North England The Lake District - locations and camping

    Hi all, I am thinking of camping in the lakes on Tuesday night and then getting up nice and early Wednesday to spend a day doing photography. Would like some advice on decent camping locations (not expensive, two people and a tent) and photography locations. Earlier this year I did Blea tarn...
  22. Oli R C

    Smouldering Haystacks

    Haystacks was in thick cloud when I'd walked over it an hour or so earlier. By the time I'd got to the top of High Crag, the cloud was beginning to dissipate, and when I looked behind, I got this fantastic view... Smouldering Haystacks by Oliver Coats, on Flickr
  23. SFTPhotography

    Critique Buttermere: A perfect morning

    Last week I decided I wanted a little piece of the heatwave. Sadly the warm sunny clear weather missed Scotland and I was fed up of hearing about 30c plus warm dry weather and not getting it. So a quick run down the M74 and a nap in the car later and I got my bit of the good weather rather than...
  24. Stuart Mc

    Two Birches from Holme Fell

    A first visit to Holme Fell for sunrise yesterday - bit of a recce but it soon became apparent we were going to get a decent sunrise after the forecast was for clear blue everywhere (nice for a change) - despite taking a wrong turn in the dark and trekking up the steep side of the fell in ferns...
  25. TGphoto

    Buttermere and Blea Tarn Photos

    Hi, Any comments are appreciated. Thanks, Tom Blea Tarn - Reflection by Thomas Green, on Flickr Buttermere Lake District by Thomas Green, on Flickr
  26. Stuart Mc

    The Scafell Mountain Range

    The highest ground in England is mostly shot from the Wasdale side given the views down the lake are fantastic - however the views up the Eskdale Valley are equally superb, perhaps even more spectacular although quite a bit out of the way for most. I shot these from the top of Hardknott fell...
  27. CMCImages

    Lake District (Buttermere)

    Headed down to Buttermere area this weekend, The forecast looked superb, When we arrived though it was different story, Light was just flat and terrible and the wind and rain was insane this morning. After some difficult work and looking and a very difficult drive i found some interesting...
  28. Stuart Mc

    Path to the Light

    Couldn't think of a more inventive title, seemed fitting though. I posted a thread relating to this image yesterday in the talk section ref. what people do when they think have a great image - I've left this overnight and my thought's on it have changed since as I was initially very excited...
  29. CMCImages

    Lake District (Derwent Water, Ullswater)

    Loved my First Visit to the lake District this weekend, Some amazing sights, Heading back in 2 weeks for more amazing scenes, I dot think i have done it any justice but thought i would share the images. Tiffen 10 Stop filter has effected the long exposure image with magenta colourcast, I also...
  30. CMCImages

    North England Lake District, First Time Photo Tour.

    Hi Everyone, I am heading to the Lakes in October for my first visit as a landscape photographer, I am very excited about heading down there to photo some of the stunning views, I am wondering if anyone can give me any help on some things, Best value for money B&B or Hotel? Best base area...