Let's see your graffiti and street art shots

I've posted a shot of this one before - but in the daylight. Took this the other night, quite liked how it gave it a different feel.

DSC02289 by Kell, on Flickr

But this one is new (to me).

On the entrance to the Dublin Castle.

DSC02283 by Kell, on Flickr
I don't know how new this is, but I saw this this morning in High Wycombe and loved it.

Oscar the Grouch sat right behind where one of those industrial bins sits.

Oscar the Grouch by Kell, on Flickr

Couple more from the same area.

Graffiti by Kell, on Flickr

Graffiti by Kell, on Flickr

Graffiti by Kell, on Flickr
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Posted from my phone with zero editing so not sure how they'll look.

There's street art and then there's graffiti. Both shots taken within 50 feet of each other

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