The 2021 Disposable Camera Challenge - CHAT


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Advance notice of next year's challenge.

This gives us time to get ordering, putting on Santa's list or start loudly hinting (or scouring charity shops and car boots if you like really unpredictable results ) in time to get shooting from Christmas Day 2020 (which may still be quiet and spent inside).

The other dates will be much the same as those eventually used in 2020 which gives us most of the summer to finish off films.

How it works

The challenge is to post up to three photographs taken with a disposable, single use film camera¹ after Christmas Eve 2020.

A thread on which to post those photos will be created at the end of August 2021. This will be the entries and voting thread.

At the same time, another thread will be created on which to post any other photos you might wish to share, the reject thread.

The final date for entries is Saturday 18th September 2021. ²

Voting will take place from 20th September until 2nd October 2021. You will be able vote for your three favourite photos.

The subject matter is open, up to you, do your own thing.

Basic processing allowed, but nothing extreme. (I think we know what is meant by this)

This thread is for discussion, chat and waffle.

¹ There are some commercially refilled/recycled cameras nominally 'disposable, single use' those are acceptable.
² As it is Mrs dmb's birthday I am unlikely, on the pain of death, to forget this date