1. K

    Beginner Help in lenses - Canon G15 / New camera

    Hi everyone, I used to own a Canon G15 and I was always pleased with the reach the the lens would get. It was simply easy to use, I could take normal photos, or telephoto ones. However, I would like a better upgrade this time, and I am wondering what lens would come closer in terms of how far...
  2. kbr0wn

    Beginner Budget landscape lens recommendations please!

    I'm totally new to this website so hello! I'm a photography beginner who's wanting to take it a bit more seriously, and am looking for recommendations! I have a Canon EOS 7D (mark I) and am looking for the best landscape/wide angle lenses that you guys use and would recommend please? I...
  3. Jeffliv

    Vintage lenses on Nikon D300

    Hi all I recently picked up a used Nikon D300 (which is now my favourite thing in the world!) along with a functional AF 70-300m lens. So far, although I’ve a lot to learn, I’ve taken some reasonable shots as I get to learn how this camera works. One of the reasons I decided to dive into...
  4. M

    Canon R EF-EOS R mount adapter. Fit all EF and EFS lenses?

    I read the new Canon R mirrorless camera with the mount adapter can use all my old lenses, EFS and EF, Canon and Tamron. What's the catch? If my old 60d has a cropped sensor, as opposed the R series which is full frame, will that make any difference using my lenses?
  5. mike_6480

    Wales Welsh Moutain Zoo

    I'm thinking of visiting Welsh Mountain Zoo on Saturday. It's fairly near to me, but have never been (am a member of Chester and have been to Blackpool etc). There are a few photos taken on here, but not many and mostly from quite a few years ago. Same on Flickr (i.e. doesn't seem to be many...
  6. D

    Canon EF-S Lens buying advice?

    Hi I'm pretty new to photography, I bought a Canon 77d with an 18-55mm about 6 months ago. I travel a lot so usually my shooting is on the go, capturing the moment before it passes by. I have found that with the 18-55 I am missing shots as I don't have the chance to get close enough to the...
  7. MysterRees

    Which 70-200mm f/2.8??

    I have a Canon EOS 7d and I am after a versatile lens that could cope with landscape/portraits/wildlife. I've done a little bit of research which has lead me to the 70-200mm 1:2.8. Can anyone give me help/tips/suggestions with what lenses and specs I should look for. I do have a limited budget...
  8. B

    Have a 35mm should I get 50mm or 85mm

    hi all, Just a quick question, I have had a 35mm about a year now and love it, I mainly take portraits and so was wondering if it would be worth me getting a 50mm as well to maybe get some more dramatic backgrounds as I have a crop camera it will be like a 80mm which is bordering on telephoto...
  9. A

    What Lens for Canon 650D

    Hi, I'm a pretty novice photographer. I have a Canon ES 650D. I am going to northern Chile and want to try and take a photo of the Milkyway. Could anyone advise me of some of the lenses that would help capture a good photo? I'm hoping a lens that isn't too expensive but gives good enough...
  10. W

    Nikon D40 Autofocus not working

    I've had my Nikon D40 for about 10 years, and about 5-6 years ago problems with the autofocus started to appear. I have two lenses, an 18-55 and a 55-200, and first one went then the other ( I can't remember which went first). It eventually got to the point that the autofocus now never works...
  11. Reviesic Media

    Beginner Sigma 18-300 - Sigma software

    Hi all I have the Sigma 18-300 and I love the lens, but i'm confused with the software which we can use. What settings does everyone have on the lens to get the best results out of the lens? It is being used on a Nikon D5300
  12. P

    E mount telephoto lenses

    Hi I am looking for a lens that would start at 16-18mm and go up to 100-200mm for my sony nex. I identified the following: 18-105 - mixed opinions regarding sharpness; 18-200 (old silver) - very good opinions; 18-200 ( new black) - mixed opinion; Possibly 16-70z which is slighyly too short...
  13. D

    Beginner Order mistake.

    Hey everyone. Being new to all this I ordered a second hand Canon 350D recently which was meant to come with an 18-55 kit lens. I only really looked properly at the numbers now and it appears that they have sent me a 38-76 mm f4.5-5.6. Basically I want to ask you guys if I have been ripped...
  14. TGphoto

    Nikon Service centre taking FOREVER.

    Hi, I sent a lens to be cleaned by Nikon, they have had it for MORE THAN A MONTH and it has only just started being worked on. In my opinion, this is absolutely terrible service. Is this normal/has anyone else experienced them being so ridiculously slow?
  15. Olivia Green

    Beginner Which Camera for an Amateur Landscape Photographer?

    Photography is not a profession but a hobby. I like traveling and have a thing for taking great landscape photographs. Clicking pictures of beaches, rocks, mountain peaks and beautiful landscapes is something I love. Have already purchased Nikon D3200 with 18-55 kit lens and a tripod. As I said...
  16. A

    M43 Lens Suggestions for Newborn Photography?

    Hi Togs, I was wondering if anyone in here hasd any experience with baby photography, more specifically baby photography with a Micro 4/3 system? I recently bought a Pana G80/85 and we have a baby due in the next 2 weeks so I would LOVE to get some really nice photos of him with some soft...
  17. Frankie_flea

    Nikon Lenses

    Nikon SWMs (Silent Wave Motors) lifespan, around two years in my experience. I've had 3 in the same lens. Increasingly i'm meeting people that are experiencing VR problems with the new 300mm f4 VR. Mine worked like a dream for three months, before it started making awful grinding/graunching...
  18. morph1909

    Would I Notice the Difference?

    So I have a question about lenses. I have a nice camera that I get on really well with (Sony A99). Sure while i look at other cameras and think " that would be nice" im quite content with what I have. Often when you read through forums people asking should I upgrade my camera get told to "get...
  19. J

    Noob here! After canon lenses!

    Hi guys and girls, I'm Jord, a 25 year old retail assistant from Tamworth, Staffordshire. Tried forums before and never got my head around them so may have to bare with me at first. I purchased my first DSLR back in June this year and have been practicing as much as possible ever since...
  20. N

    Can I insure any photographic equipment bought online? (Digital Rev, E-infinin, etc..)

    I bought a canon EF 16-35mm F4 from digital rev and I'd like it to be insured but I'm not sure if its possible as its from overseas and from an online store. Im looking to buy a Canon 5D Mark IV as well.. Need some help Thanks folks
  21. Car spotter north west

    What Lens should i get

    Hi im currently looking to but two new canon lenses, for car shoots, im looking for one that would be good in low light for light painting i was looking into getting the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM has anybody got any experience with this lens, and also a wide-angle lens. i could probably spend up...
  22. an1uk

    eBay lens purchase with fungus not mentioned in description - return?

    Bought this lens on eBay. I think the winning bid would be extremely good if it didn't have these issues, and pictures don't seem to be affected. It appears to be fungus growth on the rear elements, and maybe fungus/separation on elements to the front.
  23. Samuel F.

    Travenar 135mm 3.5 with a different mount (Exakta?)

    Good Morning. I found this lens in a thrift shop, unsure of what I could do with it, I negociated it for a tenner. After a few google searches, I identified it quite quick. Late 50s lens, west germany, A. Schacht. Every website I found list this beauty in a M42 mount. Which is definitively not...
  24. TGphoto

    35mm vs 50mm on full frame

    Hi, I'm a Sony A7 user and have use 16-35mm lens. I want another, smaller, faster lens for more 'general use' - today I found a Currys with the FE 50mm 1.8 for £179.99 which is a decent price, however I am still put off buying what is effectively a 'nifty fifty' for double the price of other...
  25. Car spotter north west


    Hi i have a Canon 50D and im just seeking advice for what new lenses i should look into buying? i will be mainly doing car photo shoots any advice would be greatly appreciated
  26. MrDrizz

    Critique The Classic Llyn Padarn Lone Tree, but not what you're thinking.

    It sure is a classic scene, some would say cliche. So I've tried something a little away from the norm by including lens flare. It's genuine flare too no photochop trickery. I happen to love it but like to here your thoughts. Tree of Life by Mark Boadey, on Flickr
  27. TGphoto

    Landscape kit choices

    Hi there, Currently playing around with my kit set up. Primarily shooting landscape. Considering the following two options - what do people think... I have the Sony A7. Sony 16-35mm + Sony 50mm FE 1.8 Or Olympus 21mm/24mm + Sony 35mm 2.8 + Sony 28-70mm kit lens Opinions based purely on...
  28. TGphoto

    New Samyang 35mm F2.8 - Sony FE - thoughts?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has bought one of these and your initial thoughts on it? And any comparison against the Sony version if you may have had both. Reviews seem decent so far but real testing is lacking slightly IMO. In two minds as to whether to pay the £275 for this or fork out an...
  29. SamSamPhotoMan

    Beginner Is my lens faulty?

    I have recently bought a DSLR camera and was given an old Tamron 28-200 71DE AF lens. I'm aware I shouldn't be expecting a professional quality lens but this is OK as I'm just starting out so don't want to splash out loads of money just yet. However, all the photos I have taken with it don't...
  30. TGphoto

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 - vs. Canon 7D

    Hi, As the title states. Currently have the Canon 7D with a 10-18mm, 18-35mm, 50mm, 55-250mm lens portfolio. I am considering something different, newer and smaller. I am not getting enough use out of it. Interested in the Panasonic GX8. Would get the 12-60mm lens but would like a telephoto...