1. Reviesic Media

    Beginner Sigma 18-300 - Sigma software

    Hi all I have the Sigma 18-300 and I love the lens, but i'm confused with the software which we can use. What settings does everyone have on the lens to get the best results out of the lens? It is being used on a Nikon D5300
  2. photosample

    Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary

    Got the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary today. I had some free time and went out for a first impressions test. Some samples: Sigma 16mm F/1.4 on Sony A7R II (Super 35mm mode) Leytonstone with Sigma 16mm F/1.4 by Kalin Kalpachev, on Flickr Leytonstone with Sigma 16mm F/1.4 by Kalin...
  3. Tampa Steve

    Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 AF0 not AF0 conundreum

    I have a strange issue with my Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 (nonOS) HSM II lens, the lens works fine on my D7200, but recently i purchased a 1.4x converter for a bit more reach for when i went to Fairford airshow. when i put the two together and mount on the camera body i get a F0 error, uhmm - so the...

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  5. heron_AI

    Why is autofocus off from factory?

    Got my new Sigma 18-35/F1.8 DC today and it didn't take long to notice that the AF was off. Luckily I have the Sigma USB Dock and I have started calibrating it (which is quite tedious), I have a few focal lengths at infinty left to do but the day light is fading. Anyway, AF is atleast, or near...
  6. heron_AI

    Focusing problem?

    Hello, I shoot with a Nikon D5600 with Sigma TC 1.4x and 150-600mm Contemporary. Equipment is only a couple of months old and when I got it I checked for back and front focusing but it looked dead on. Although this was done at a distance of six meters only, I got it confirmed by using Live View...
  7. mjkent

    Sigma 105mm Macro - Canon 760d flash problems. Please help!!

    Hi, I have recently bought a Sigma 105mm DG OS HSM Macro for my wife to use with her Canon 760d. I also bought a Neewer TTL ring flash. Using Aperture priority mode, without the flash fitted, I have the following: 1/8th speed F9.0 ISO 800 (Settings are a bit random as I am experimenting...
  8. Joe76

    Sigma 150-500 on Nikon D5300

    Hi all Does anyone know if this combination will work? I'm selling my 150-500 and a potential buyer has asked if it will work. The lens works great on my D610 which is around the same vintage so I assume it should work fine, I'm interested if anyone has any experience with it. Cheers in advance
  9. M

    Which lens tamron or sigma

    Hi sorry if this has already been.asked in another post. I am looking to get a 150 mm - 600 mm lens for my Nikon D5500. But dont know which lens is better the tamron or the sigma. I am mainly looking to use this for wildlife photography and wondered if anyone had any experience with either of...
  10. A

    Which long telephoto lens

    Hi, I'm due to got to the Falkland Islands in early January and want to make sure I have all my equipment sorted, so i'm looking to change my long telephoto lens. Currently I have a Sigma APO DG 150-500mm F/5-6.3 APO HSM DG OS Lens Nikon, but I am tempted by a new lens that offers a bit more...
  11. JasonBrown2013

    Lens choices: Sigma 50-500, 150-600 or 70-200 with 2.0x TC on DX (Nikon D500)

    Hi all, Firstly, if this in the wrong section, please feel free to move it! Shooting a Nikon D500 and after a long lens. Presently I have the 'very entry-level' Nikon 55-300 f/4.5-5.6G which I have been using for about 3-4 years. I'm looking to upgrade to something of higher quality that...
  12. U

    Istanbul Sunset

    Last month I took some photos from my friend's office. Used two cameras, Pentax K20D and Canon 500D. Lenses were Sigma 28-70 2.8 and Sigma 10-20 3.5 (Canon). Golden Horn by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Golden Horn by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Golden Horn by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr
  13. Tykepix

    Lens Comparison

    I have a Canon 600D and am wanting a lens for wildlife photography. I am looking at the Tamron SP300 f2.8 (complete with two extenders and a variety of filters) for £500 second-hand (on a website and a Sigma 150-500 f5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM at £399 second-hand (on As I'm new...
  14. TGphoto

    New lens for my Canon 7D

    Hi, Recently acquired a 7D Mark I for £460 new as an upgrade to my Canon 600d. Couldn't justify the jump to the Mark II or 6D at the moment, nor did I see better value in the 70D, and the 80D is still too highly price. I'm looking for a new lens or two, I currently have the 55-250 IS II, the...
  15. K

    Advice needed for anniversary present!

    Hi, I want to get a new lens for my husband for our anniversary, but need some advice as I know very little about photography! My husband has a Canon 20d but only has cheap lenses, he mainly likes to take landscapes or bird/wildlife photos. I was thinking about getting something like: Canon...