1. dd1989

    Decent tripod under £100

    OH Has offered to get me a new tripod for Xmas as my cheap £29 has finally died after 4 years (not bad going, has been all over Scotland), we usually keep budget around £100. Needs to be decent for outdoors as I do sky photography in windy / cold locations. Sturdiness is more important than...
  2. mipevo6

    Tripod allen key?

    Folks, I have a kirk arca swiss plate and appear to have lost the allen key... Anybody know what the standard size is so I can order a new one ? Thanks in advance
  3. scott199

    velbon rexi l tripod replacement.

    hi All, been a while but I was wondering if you good people could help me. I bought a velbon rexi l tripod some years back, I've been happy with it (albeit only used a few times) I've managed to bend and twist the thing, completely my own stupidity. I've noticed I can't buy them anymore...
  4. Tom Whitmore


    I've been looking at Tripods for one to take with me to shoot a 24 Hours race (spectator) as I want to get some light trail shots at night. The problem is my budget is relatively low. I do have the added benefit of enjoying shooting wildlife & I shoot automotive with light painting, so a good...
  5. TGphoto

    Compact + lighter weight or more sturdy?

    Hi, I have just purchased a Manfrotto 190GO (which I can still take back to the retailer if I wish) and a Manfrotto Beefree. My main use for this is landscapes and travel. Kit I will be using on it - A7II with max of a 70-200 F4 I like the feel of the 190go, it feels well made and sturdy and...
  6. moomike

    Does anyone know the model name of this Gitzo tripod head? Sorted now, cheers.

    Hi all, I've been looking but not managed to find any information from the serial number on the base, so thought I'd ask here if anyone knew the model name of this particular tripod head - It's got an immense base plate & came as part of a deal with a tripod & few other bits & bobs I have just...
  7. J

    Lightweight tripod for hiking

    Hi, I'm looking for some recommendations for a lightweight tripod to take on long hikes, preferably one that when collapsed is small and can handle a Canon 5D Mark III + lens (biggest being Canon 70-200). I currently have the Manfrotto 055 (Aluminium) + Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head but...
  8. Shady Ron

    Best Tripod

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a sturdy but lightweight tripod? I bought one for about £80 in April and it has so may limitations I'm ready to invest in one that'll (hopefully) last for years.
  9. Shady Ron

    Beginner Best Tripod?

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for a sturdy but lightweight tripod for landscape photography? I bought one in April for about £80 but it has lot's of limitations and I'm ready to invest in one that I can use for years. Don't mind spending between £200-300 as it'll be a great investment.
  10. Dave Denby

    Flexi Tripod Thingy!

    I'm looking at small tripods with flexible legs, like the one that you can wrao around branches etc. Are there any suggestions for 'better' brands? I've seen a few on eBay, but obviously not sure of the quality. Thanks is advance DD
  11. R

    Budget Tripod

    Hi all, I am looking for a budget tripod around £20/30 what suggestions do you have? I am looking at the Velbon DF-41 or the PrimaPhoto PHKP001. I'm leaning more towards the Velborn though as it does look slightly better made.
  12. ivan86

    New tripod head suggestions

    Hi All Looking to get a new tripod head soon. I currently have a Manfrotto 460MG. Looking to get one a bit more precise with a quick release function and micro adjustments. I do architectural photography professionally so independent 3 axis movement and spirit level is a must (vertical as...
  13. A

    Vanguard Alta Pro2+ 263AB 100 vs Benro GoPlus FGP28A

    I'm new to photography and looking for my first tripod. I've been researching for weeks but need help from those more experienced about what to choose. I've decided on two options; either the newly released Vanguard Alta Pro2+ 263AB 100 which comes with a ballhead for £200, and has a weight...
  14. K

    Beginner which camera should i buy?

    I know this is a very common question- Please bear with me. I really hope I can get some informative answers as I have no knowledge in photography. I'll mainly like to buy a dslr to use for 1-2 years down the line without really upgrading. I mainly want to use it to post great instagram photos...
  15. Get Canvas

    Looking for a charger and a decent Tripod

    Hi, I have a Canon EOS 1100D and am looking for a charger for it. any recommendations where i can find one? Also I am going to be doing some video shoots and need a good tripod for the productions, something smooth, tall and portable. Can anyone help?
  16. J

    Sony RX100M3 Tripod

    I've started looking into travel tripods for my Sony RX100M3. I need something a bit more substantial than a Joby or a PIXI. From what I can see so far the Manfrotto BeFree looks popular but I'm sure there must be others. Can anyone recommend anything else like the BeFree?
  17. Matthew_S

    Beginner Trip to New York Advice

    Hi guys, I recently got my first DSLR (Nikon D3300) and I'll be taking it to New York with me. I'm just wondering if it's worth it taking the tripod I have (Amazon Basics)? It's a decent tripod but it quite weighty and doesn't collapse down much...would it be better to get a monopod? I'd...
  18. CableTripper

    Please for the Love of God Help me Choose a New Tripod!

    First I'll apologise if this is a common question. I would have thought it was but a search of the forum suggests otherwise. I feel like I'm lost in a sea of potential new tripods! There's way too much choice out there and with the nearest decent camera shop nearly 100 miles away I haven't had...
  19. Bill19

    Backpacking Asia + Aus- take a tripod?

    Hi everyone, Next February I'm heading off travelling in SE Asia and Australia for 20 weeks- I'll be backpacking around SE Asia for 6 weeks, then I'm off to the Philippines to volunteer with a marine conservation organisation for 10 weeks, then I'll be doing 4 weeks of backpacking around...
  20. D

    Manfrotto tripod question from a newbie

    Hi all, I am getting started in the world of digital photography and once of the tips I have been told is to get a decent tripod. So I have invested in a Manfrotto 290 tripod with the following head: I cannot work out how to attach my Nikon DSLR to it though with the red "lug" on the plate...
  21. G

    A new backpack?

    hello everybody! I am looking for a new camera backpack, I was looking for advice. It needs to fit at least 1 DSLR GoPro A 17 inch laptop And a tripod Any suggestions are welcomed. LG
  22. MrDrizz

    Tripods and their weight

    Hey, So I have the Manfrotto 190XPROB I've had it for a long time and it's a solid and reliable thing. I have the 324RC2 head attached, together they come in at 2.25kg. As landscape tripods go is that considered heavy? It feels heavy. I've been looking at some Carbon fiber alternatives (the...
  23. D

    Backpack / tripod advice

    Hi all, i'm looking for a backpack for my DSLR for hiking out in the country and taking landscape shots. I really like the look of the Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22l AW but i'm not sure where I would put a full size tripod in it as it doesn't have any external straps or anything (not convinced I...
  24. Monoman

    Tripod mounting size problem.

    How to mount 1/4" thread camera on a 3/8" thread tripod.:help: My best tripod has a 3/8th screw thread This tripod is very adaptable to all sorts of conditions and is pretty stable in high winds. I do NOT want to buy yet another tripod or to use an Arca Swiss type mounting plate etc. Do...
  25. H

    New tripod Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB vs Triopo GT-3230X8C vs Genesis C5 KIT

    Hey there! Its my first post here I just recently upgraded to full frame camera (d750) and the camera is too heavy for my 20 € cheapo tripod and I'm scared that the tripod will break or flip over and damage my camera so i need to buy new decent tripod but my budget is limited to around 230 €...