Notice TP 52'ers 2018 Challenge. Post your images (only) here Week 52 "Showcase"


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This is the place to post your images for the TP 52'ers 2018 personal challenge.
But please no comments in this thread, save the comments for the personal threads that people post.

Start your own thread, in the usual way in the Ideas and inspiration section HERE
and change the title weekly or as you add another theme, by clicking thread tools, > edit thread. This allows you to alter the title.
You will also note that there is a prefix box, to the far left of the title, select "Weekly" ( if you wish that is)

Once you have started a thread, post your images in here, and link back to your own thread, how to do that, if you don't know, is detailed is HERE
In brief, Highlight the word, that you want the link to follow, such a "linky" ( left click and drag).
In the bottom right hand corner of each post is a number, click that, and then copy and past that (top) full URL into the link dialogue box,
that opens, once you have clicked the chain symbol,
( above the reply thread box), click insert, and job done.
That will then take you directly back to that image.

Finally, The sign up thread is HERE
A list of "how to" is HERE
2018 Spread sheet HERE

I hope you all enjoy taking part in the TP 52'ers Class of 2018.
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